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QSR Point of Sale System

May 17, 2011

For quick-service restaurants, two critical factors of a successful business are getting customers in and out in a timely fashion, and, getting orders cooked quickly. To achieve these goals, a QSR Point of Sale (Quick Service Restaurant) may be your best investment.

QSR point-of-sale systems allow businesses to work at a very fast pace without compromising accuracy. A good system will calculate change, allow employees to quickly make corrections, and send tickets to the kitchen seamlessly and efficiently. With a user friendly interface, employees should be able to get customers in and out of the door with minimal errors.

Your Quick Service Point of Sale system should also allow you to take credit card payments quickly. Imagine your customers staring at your walls for a minute or two while their credit card runs. Your credit card system should be able to take advantage of a high speed internet connection that is available in most areas. This will decrease your card processing times down to 20 seconds or less.

As you know, a cashier's job can be very stressful. As your restaurant gets busy, being slowed down by an inefficient point of sale system can add to their stress. Give your employees the ability to work at peak performance with a computerized point of sale.

To speed up the order taking process even more, many QSR point of sale systems have the ability to take orders with a PDA handheld. If you sit customers at their table before taking their order, this would definitely be an investment you will want to look at.

While the point of system needs to be quick on the front end, you should also be able to see sales and inventory numbers quickly on the back end. As a business owner/manager, your time is very valuable. Having to spend three hours every day looking at numbers is not a very efficient use of your time. The ability to see sales and inventory figures quickly and accurately allows you to focus your time more on keeping your restaurant profitable. Reach out to Business Software Solutions to find the POS system that suits your needs


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