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Accounting Within the Business Plus Accounting POS Software Packages

Jun 07, 2011

One of Business Plus Accounting's features that separates us from other POS systems is our fully integrated accounting package.  Unlike other POS systems, there is no need to use a separate accounting package, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree. 


The following are just some of the features included in the integrated accounting package:


Accounts Receivables

Here, you can process on account sales, calculate finance charges, print A/R statements, print and email A/R invoices, create credit and debit memos, and view Accounts Receivables aging reports. 


Accounts Payables

With the Accounts Payables function, you can print checks for your vendors, reconcile your bank accounts, view your cash flow forecasts, and print 1099 forms.


General Ledger

Just like QuickBooks and PeachTree, this is a double entry accounting system that allows you to create journal entries and post them to the General Ledger, view balance sheet and income statements, view trial balances, perform revenue and expense account budgeting, perform depreciation, and view profit and loss statements.


Purchase Orders

Here, you can create orders for your vendors when purchasing new products.  You can also setup automatic reordering when a product has fallen below your pre-defined reorder levels.


Product Receiving

The Product Receiving option allows you to receive orders you have created in the Purchase Orders function.  The products that are listed in those Purchase Orders are automatically added to your inventory.  The Product Receiving function also supports back orders, and product storage locations. 


Inventory Control

Using the First In First Out (FIFO) inventory cost method, you can perform inventory cycle counting, view product aging reports, track inventory shrinkage, and setup default storage locations with your products.  The Inventory Control function also supports wireless handheld inventory cycle counting.


The Business Plus Accounting software package also contains over 260 business reports, covering all aspects of your business.

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