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Twitter and Text to Screen Software

Jun 24, 2011

Today’s social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become excellent tools for marketing your bar or restaurant.  A few innovative companies have figured out how to increase the number of followers on Twitter…by showing Tweets on a large TV screen or projected onto a wall. 


FireText allows your customers to easily tweet messages to your Twitter @screenname, and then display is on your TV screen or projected to your wall.  For customers without a smart phone, they can also send text messages to the screen.  Other features include a Text Jukebox, where customers can request songs via text message…Text Message Voting, where customers can answer poll questions…and a Text to Win function for give-a-ways and promotions.



Another company in this market is iWall.  They also provide the same basic service…text message or Twitter to screen.  They also have a filter that will remove inappropriate language, and message moderation to prevent inappropriate posts from slipping through the language filter.


Both have free demos that you can try out.  Depending on the type of bar or restaurant you have, this could be a great way to increase followers on Twitter.

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