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Why Some Restaurants on Twitter Have Over 10000 Followers

Jul 07, 2011

Tweeting bird, derived from the initial 't' of...Some restaurants on Twitter have figured out how to have massive followers.  A couple that will be mentioned in this article have over 50000 followers.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to send a message about your daily specials to 50000 people, all for free?  Here’s how…

Key Takeaways

1.  Keep Your Customer’s Engaged

Just sending tweets such as “Come to our restaurant for great food” will not get you many followers.  You have to give your customers a reason to follow you. 

One of the cupcake shops we looked at will tweet a “secret word.” The first 50-100 people who come into their bakery and whisper the secret word gets a free cupcake.  Their Twitter followers are looking at their page everyday to see which free cupcake they are giving away. 

Your restaurant could do something like a “Free Appetizer of the Day” promotion on Twitter to help increase followers. 


2.  Talk to Your Customers

To keep customers coming back to your restaurant, be sure actually talk directly to your customers on Twitter.  Your customers will become raving fans if they know that you care about them.  Even if a customer has posted a bad review of your business on Twitter, this is a opportunity to connect directly with that customer and let them know that the service will be better in the future. 

A good resource to help you better communicate with your customers on Twitter is a book called Thank You Economy, by Gary Vaynerchuk.


The following are the businesses on Twitter that were reviewed:


@kogibbq – a Korean BBQ Taco Truck

This food truck currently has almost 90000 followers.  Most of their tweets consists of location and times where their food truck will be.  They also describe items on their menu.


@sprinkles – A Cupcake Bakery

Sprinkles Cupcakes has a really interesting way of keeping their fans engaged with their business.  They will tweet a “secret word.”  The first 50-100 people who come into their bakery and whisper the secret word gets a free cupcake. 


@cupcakestop – A Mobile Cupcake Shop

Cupcake Stop currently has over 16000 followers.  There tweets consists of locations of where the truck is stopped and daily cupcake flavors.  Along with tweeting information about their business, they will also reply to tweets from individual customers.


@cremebruleecart – A Mobile Crème Brulee Cart

Like other mobile food trucks and carts, they will tweet locations, times, and daily specials of their food cart.


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