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VIDEO: Top 2 Ways to Cut your Restaurant Costs

Jul 12, 2011
from Restaurant Management University


Restaurant Management University has created a video with tips to cut restaurant costs.  In particular, the video discusses these two steps:

1.  “Take a Deep Look at Your Inventory”

If you are currently not tracking your inventory, including on hand amounts and costs, you could be spending too much money.  If you are not currently tracking your restaurant inventory, you can use our Restaurant Inventory Management Guide to begin tracking your inventory.

BPA Restaurant Pro Inventory Management

(NOTE:  Retail and Hotel versions of this guide are coming soon)


2.  Track Labor

The second step to cutting costs is tracking labor.  With the BPA Restaurant Pro software, you can use the following reports to track labor costs and server efficiency:

  • Daily Sales and Labor Report (Restaurant System—>Manager Functions—>Restaurant Reports)
  • Sales by Product Type and Hour Report (Restaurant System—>Manager Functions—>Restaurant Reports)
  • Server Efficiency Report (Restaurant System—>Manager Functions—>Restaurant Reports)
  • Print Labor By Job Report (Restaurant System—>Server Clock In Clock Out)
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