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How a Restaurant POS System Differs From a Retail POS System

Jun 10, 2014

At consumer-level glance, there may not be much of a difference between a retail POS system and a restaurant system. However, a great deal of differences exist. One of the major differences between the two systems is the number of units and accessories that each one needs. A retail system will have accessories such as credit card scanners, printers, and product scanners attached to it in the main service area. A second or third system in the back office will have a printer and an inventory scanner attached to it along with inventory maintenance software. A restaurant POS system usually consists of one unit that controls everything.

Another area that a retail POS system differs from a restaurant system is its complexity. A restaurant system will have a menu that is easily customizable by entry-level employees. This customizable menu option allows for increased speed of service to the customers. Retail POS units use complex menus and software. Staff members such as managers and assistants will have access to inventory and sales information, while regular employees will only have access to manipulate items at a point of sale level. A restaurant system may be much easier to use than a retail system.

The tracking system in a retail establishment differs from that of a restaurant establishment as well. Retail locations have far less items to track than restaurants have. Restaurants have to track hundreds of different ingredients such as condiments, stationary items, meal ingredients, toys, coffee flavors, and the like. Therefore, a restaurant point of sale system will need to have advanced software that can perform such tasks as stock level maintenance and ordering. Restaurant staff members also have to be connected to this system so that the computer knows when an inventory item is sold or used.

Finally, retail systems are usually the same throughout the market or jurisdiction. Restaurant systems are tailored to the needs of each independent store manager or business owner. When running a restaurant, make the process a little easier on yourself by using a restaurant POS system.


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