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The Benefits of Point of Sale Reports

Aug 11, 2014

Before point of sale systems became mainstream, it was very difficult for restaurant owners to compile all the data necessary for them to see the true health of their business. However, with the reporting tools that are now available on most current POS systems, it is so much easier to find the information needed to make critical decisions about the future well being of your restaurant. Here are some of the amazing features that POS reports automatically provide in order to give restaurant owners all the information they need in one place.

Ordering and Receiving Information

With some POS system reports, you can actually see how much it costs your restaurant to make certain dishes throughout the day. This information can help you when it comes time to reorder supplies. The report will also tell you what inventory came in first and what you should use first. This helps to maximize your profit by having less food go bad before it is able to be used and consumed.

Employee Data

Reports can also give you information regarding your employees and the work they have been able to accomplish. You can find out if you have any employees who have been cheating you out of money by selling your food and then pocketing the money. This is in the feature that will also provide detailed table reports.

Track Sales Volume Trends

This software will also track the volume of sales you have and the trends you follow based on your ordering schedule. Never order too much of an item again! With a restaurant POS system report, you can order only what you need at the exact time you need it. Because you will have all this information readily available, you will see a larger profit after using an inventory module.

Waste Tracking

In order to run a better business, POS reports provide information about waste usage for every shift throughout the day. This will help to move you closer to being a more efficient and environmentally friendly restaurant. The information provided in this report will also be beneficial when it comes time for reordering.

While the above information is extremely helpful, it is not an exclusive list of all that POS system reports have to offer. You can also print reports like daily sales and labor, sales margin reports, monthly and yearly sales reports, profit ranking reports, and so much more. If you have had trouble keeping track of all your data, resulting in lowered efficiency and lost profit, it may be time to invest in a POS system that can provide you with all the information necessary to run your restaurant as effectively as possible.

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