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The 2014 Restaurant Innovation Summit

Oct 23, 2014

restaraurant Innovation SummitIf you have ever wondered how you could better put data to work for your business, you should attend this conference. If you are looking for ways to integrate social media with your operations, you should attend this conference. If you are looking to find out what your customers want more of from a loyalty program or get more participation, you should attend this conference.

The 2014 Restaurant Innovation Summit promises to be positively brimming with industry innovations and insights! 

What is it?

The Restaurant Innovation Summit is a gathering of restaurant professionals put on by the National Restaurant Association to discuss emerging technologies and their application in innovating restaurant operations. This year, the summit is focused on data alchemy—how data stewardship can lead to innovation that can provide better hospitality experiences. In other words, data alchemy is harnessing the power of the customer information you can collect. Data can hold immense decision-making power if you know how to collect and use it to improve restaurant operations and outreach.

What to Expect

At the Summit, there will be 9 dynamic breakout sessions that you can attend in addition to two keynote presentations. The topics of these sessions will be:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Data Stewardship and Privacy
  • Collaborative Economy
  • Behavior Science and Loyalty
  • Innovative Use of Social Media

This event is meant to excite and inspire its attendees by presenting a positive exchange of ideas and innovations that are applicable to the restaurant world using data and new technologies.

According to the NRA’s chief innovation and member advancement officer, Phil Kafarakis, “The ideas presented at this year’s summit will help operators be more efficient, cost effective and achieve business success.”

Who Will Be in Attendance?

Let’s just say that last year, there were Chief Executive, Marketing, and Financial officers in attendance from a variety of well-known companies and organizations. There are 26 exceptional thought leaders scheduled to speak at this year’s summit. Coming from a wide range of technology, marketing, business development, and operations positions and experiences, those in attendance should prepare to have the fire of innovation lit from these great speakers.

When/Where is it?

The summit is held in Atlanta, Georgia, and will be held on October 28th and 29th. The registration fee is $395 for active NRA members and $895 for non-members.

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