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Advantages of Tracking Point-of-Sales for Hotels

Jan 30, 2020

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are essential for any small business, whether it’s in the restaurant, retail, or hotel industries. These systems make transactions effortless and add a great boost to a business’s reputability and service. There are many unique advantages to using a POS system in these industries, but this is especially true for hotels, motels, and other lodging places. The advantages of tracking point-of-sales for hotels means managers and owners will manage their hotel’s operations with ease.

Guest Management

A proper hotel POS system is designed with efficiency in mind. Your hotels must reach optimal processing times and sales numbers with a guest management strategy. Fortunately, our POS system provides that. The simple navigation makes it easy to check-in customers, set up clerk functions, and manage guest data reports with ease. This is important for ensuring that your customers feel welcome and accounted for. Furthermore, with supervision over each room, your clerks can provide a more intimate guest experience.

Financial Accountability

Additionally, clerks can oversee all their accounting tools from behind the screen. Included is the full accounting system you’d expect to see elsewhere. For example, managers can see the payable and receivable accounts, along with inventory and reports. Payroll is integrated with a time clock for easy management. Also, any transactions between the clerk, in-house restaurant, and gift shop are all managed under the same integrated system. This offers simple functionality without the need for additional systems. The ledger and financial reports are all manageable from your POS system.


One of the other main advantages of your hotel POS system is that it’s secure in terms of financial security as well as employee oversight. Employees can easily clock in and out of their POS system using company cards or a digital account without interfering with higher levels. Meaning, managers can manage payroll and other responsibilities from their accounts that other employees won’t have access to. Plus, all transactions are secure and protected. Credit card authorization takes less than five seconds, and your employees won’t face any stalls or error.

Our BPA Point-of-Sale systems offer all these features. Our POS software for small businesses is designed for maximum efficiency and satisfaction. You and your customers will see the difference in how fast and profitable your sales and transactions are.

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