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Simple Ways to Quickly Increase Your Online Sales

Feb 21, 2020

In today’s tech-driven world, most businesses have an e-commerce website to sell their products or services, as well as a storefront. Both are great options to increase sales and revenue, but it can be tricky to drum up online sales. Therefore, any business that utilizes an e-commerce site must know these simple ways to quickly increase your online sales. These will improve your online revenue and retain customers for future sales.

Showcase Customer Testimonials

It’s simple: people trust each other. Whatever product or service you sell, use this opportunity to showcase customer testimonials. Use the power of your happiest customers on product pages, landing pages, pricing pages, or your home page. The more positive testimonials you have, the greater the sales you’ll see. Still, quality beats quantity. With that said, reviews, certifications, or memberships to professional accreditations will have the same—if not stronger—effect.

Incentivize and Promote Urgency

These can manifest in many different forms. The most notable example is with a temporary promotional deal. For example, a promotion for free shipping or free items with a certain amount of money spent are both great ways to boost online sales.

Keep Options Relatively Limited

While you should sell products pertinent to your business, it’s important to limit options so as not to overwhelm customers. Many businesses offer too many items at a given time. This leads to indecision and a higher bounce rate (the rate at which customers leave your website without purchasing anything). Not only will a high bounce rate decrease online sales, but it will also decrease your domain authority and make it harder for customers to find your business on search engines. Therefore, offer only a few items to keep your webpage simple and attractive.

Use High-Quality Images

For the items that you do promote, use high-quality images on their product pages. You will draw customers to those products by their image alone. While It might seem silly, consider a professional photographer for these photos. A poorly lit shot will ruin the product’s aesthetic. Also, consider different angles and backgrounds to highlight the product as much as possible.

Keep Deals and Promos Focused on Specific Products

Naturally, a promotional link should only guide customers to that product or service. Surprisingly, many e-commerce sites use promotional links to guide to similar or related categories. However, many customers will leave your site as soon as this happens. This is because customers want to see what they expected to see. For example, a link to a specific blouse or pair of shoes should only link to those products. Keep the links as relevant as possible to turn any clicks on those links into sales.

Utilize Opt-In Features

During the customer’s check-out process, be sure to offer an opt-in pop-up feature with additional promotions to keep customers coming back. This includes an option to sign up for a newsletter, birthday list, mailing list, or loyalty program. This will help you retain customers with specific deals, such as free shipping or a discount off their first order. These offers will appeal to customers and push them to purchase more in the future.

Whichever method you decide, the BPA POS retail system has the most functional credit card processing hardware available. The integrated payment processing ensures fast, secure transactions with simplicity and accuracy, at a better price than the competition.

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