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How to Increase Your Retail Store's Sales

Apr 13, 2020

The most important factor for any business’s success is sales. This can determine whether a business succeeds or fails given what the sales projections look like at any given time. While it’s important to set sales goals and try to reach them, sometimes these numbers can dwindle. In that case, you need to analyze and review your goals and the strategies used to reach them. Any small business owner struggling with this issue must know how to increase your retail store’s sales. You’ll see how minor or major changes can drastically improve the success of your business.

Advertise More

One of the first steps to generate more business and sales for your store is to advertise more. Advertisements are an incredible investment. They target customers with specialized messages or insights into the store that naturally lead to more sales. However, businesses can advertise in numerous ways, so it’s important to learn all the channels available to you. Consider using newspaper ads, magazines, television ads, radio ads, posters, billboards, and online banners to generate more buzz around your business. The goal of this is to increase your brand recognition among consumers over your competition.

Hire the Right Staff

While it might not sound like an important aspect of sales growth, the right staff can seriously affect it. Improperly trained staff might not know how to engage with customers appropriately. Your business’s success may ride on the way your staff speaks to customers and their mannerisms toward them. Make sure your staff uses subtleties when they help customers that will improve the overall retail performance. Staff who speak to customers using certain body language, with a certain tone, or by addressing the customer by name can all increase the sale.

Refocus Your Pricing

Not many businesses think their pricing strategy affects their sales performance, but you might need to reconsider it to improve your tactics. Be sure you’ve priced out each item considerably to maximize its sale potential. As much as you want to make a profit, you must remember that the bottom line is you want to sell it. With that, you may have to change the price for certain items once or twice until you find a price that shows a good profit margin as well as meets customer demand. 

Redesign the Store

Your store may falter behind your competitors simply because its design is outdated or stale. Install creative displays around the store to add a new ambiance to the area. Lighting and cross-merchandising can also help target specific items or provide a new appeal to them. Also, educate customers with product videos or other entertainment. Remember, customers, appreciate a store they feel comfortable in that has a positive atmosphere. Redesign your store to have that appeal, and customers will come.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest ways to connect to customers on a personal level. It’s a fast, efficient, and cost-effective strategy that any business can participate in. One of the few aspects of a successful social media campaign is a steady stream of online activity. You should constantly monitor your social media to attract customer attention. You can do this through various posts about products, deals, the store, and so on. You can even use it to highlight employees and community figures or organizations. This shows that your business cares about its staff and the people who support it.

Create Events

Additionally, create events that will draw crowds of new and current customers. Sometimes a successful day can come when you least expect it or when your sales numbers are at their worst. This is because unique events almost instantly appeal to people. After all, no one wants to be left out of the next big thing, whatever it may be. Partner up with local organizations or charities to further increase your brand recognition within the community. This is also the perfect time to give away promotional items or coupons that will increase sales and create some new loyal customers in the process.

Implement a Rewards Program

Similarly, customers want to feel rewarded for choosing to buy at your store. Implement a rewards program that identifies key customers who have routinely shopped at your store. These customers are key individuals who you should reward with special discounts, coupons, or promotions. That way, with each reward, they will feel compelled to come back to earn more.

Consider Promos and Add-Ons

Stale sales numbers depend on changing your strategy every so often, and one way to do that is with promotions and add-ons. Now is a great time to make use of promotional items because you can sell any lagging inventory items. Whether you plan to reorder these items or not, this is a great opportunity to increase your sales so as not to lose revenue. Add-ons and upsells are also great ways to increase your profit margins. You can tailor the shopping experience for your customers through cross-selling merchandise that they might be interested in alongside their original purchase.

Sell Gift Cards

One of the main items to easily add on to other merchandise is gift cards. They are an incredibly easy sell given their portability and convenience. You should use any opportunity to upsell gift cards at your business to boost your sales goals. Target specific holidays, events, or seasons to provide a simple gift for any shopper.

Use the Best Technology

Finally, use the best technology available. It doesn’t matter if this is a new point-of-sale system or television monitors that display your advertisements, new technology is a natural way to enhance your sales opportunities. New technology will make your business look modern and trendy, which can be a deal-breaker for some shoppers. Not to mention, it will ensure fast and efficient transactions to reduce wait times. This way, more customers can shop, which will raise your profit margins exponentially.

With all that said, consider each variable to increase your store’s sales. Fortunately, our BPAPOS retail system offers gift card processing software, which is an inexpensive tool that can assist you in marketing and can raise your sales numbers significantly. Unlike other POS systems, you control all unused balances and can reload depleted cards with no additional costs. Since there’re also no pay-per-swipe transaction fees, all the money is yours to use to grow your retail business.

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