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Benefits of POS Software for Restaurants

Apr 15, 2020

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Restaurants are one of the most common businesses today. Customers come to eat, drink and relax as waitstaff brings them their orders. Still, not many people know the inner workings of their favorite cafes and bistros. These businesses rely on a high-quality point-of-sale (POS) system to manage orders and sales transactions. On top of this, there are many benefits of POS software for restaurants that managers must know—especially when using ours.

Effortless Card Transactions

Fast, smooth sales transactions are crucial for a restaurant’s success. With the goal of seating as many tables as possible to increase the most daily revenue, high-performing POS systems will make every table order in the most efficient way. Since reviews are essential for your business, it’s imperative you utilize our restaurant POS system to ensure speedy transactions that your customers will notice. This gains positive feedback for your restaurant and boosts your net profits.

Efficiency in the Kitchen

With our simple navigation mechanics, it’s no surprise our POS systems will improve your kitchen efficiency. You can set up your menu with different food groups like sides, entrees, desserts, drinks, appetizers, and so on. These groups are color-coded for simple accessibility. Not to mention, your tickets send directly to the kitchen. The POS system tracks the inventory and sales reports, so you don’t have to.

Stronger Customer Loyalty

While keeping an efficient kitchen is important, having positive customer feedback is equally necessary. Point-of-sale systems are great for targeting new customers and retaining current ones. You can easily set up a customer loyalty program to increase foot traffic. Additionally, with our POS system, you can create loyalty points, discounts, and member pricing, as well as design loyalty and gift cards for your business. Unlike other companies, you control the unused balance and reload deleted cards with no additional costs.

More Detailed Reports

Another thing to know regarding our POS systems is that there is a full accounting system built-in for detailed reports. Vendor ordering, inventory, payroll modules, and financial reports are all accounted for. Your product sales are combined with overhead costs in the general ledger to accurately show your profitability.

It’s Secure

You won’t have to worry about losing money with this system. Managers have full access to see an employee’s work history through the touch screen and employee card. Managers also can void tickets or offer free items when necessary, on top of setting up password protection and specifying which modules or functions each employee has access to. These are ideal for managing missing items, lost revenue, and employee behavior. Our POS also allows complete interface with a video security camera system and detailed security reports.

Still, while our POS system offers faster transactions and operations for your restaurant, it also features a credit card processing system unlike any other. Our fully integrated credit card processing system allows for secure transactions and provider flexibility, making our point-of-sales system the best business management system you can rely on.

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