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Curbside Functionality is Now Available in BPA and EatOntheWeb - How does it Work?

Apr 23, 2020

Curbside is our new functionality to help out businesses that may be affected by COVID-19. This enables customers to create orders in BPA or EatOnTheWeb with vehicle descriptions, and have a curbside indicator with vehicle descriptions on all receipts!

How Does it Work?

Easy! On any Dineout order, you may select curbside and put a vehicle description when a customer calls you. All receipts will be marked with the vehicle description, and with a curbside indicator.  In EatOnTheWeb, the customer can put the vehicle description in themselves!

Once an order has been made, it will also be marked in the software so your employees know which orders are curbside, and which orders are your normal orders.

How Do I get Curbside Functionality?

Customers will need to update their EatOnTheWeb client software and/or their BPA Software. Contact technical support at 801-336-3303 for assistance.

Does it cost anything?

Not at all! You may get this update for free, and if you are interested in EatOnTheWeb, our comprehensive online ordering platform, let us know! Our setup fee for EatOnTheWeb is currently 50% off, save money by signing up now!



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