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Must-Have Restaurant Technologies That Improve Business

Apr 23, 2020

Restaurant Technology

Managing a small business is no simple feat. After all, there’s a lot to consider. Every business owner must account for customer loyalty, marketing strategies, business goals, and so on. With all this, it can be troubling to know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it effectively. Fortunately, there are many must-have restaurant technologies that improve business. Consider these to help your business prosper.

Reservation Software

One of the most efficient pieces of technology for restaurants is reservation software. In-person reservation systems allow restaurant management to reserve tables and seating in a more efficient and timely manner. Many restaurants and businesses implement an online booking system to ensure this feasibility. With today’s technology, take advantage of social media and smartphone compatibility for this system, too. Reservation software allows you to plan for special events, make reservations, and reach out to customers with specific marketing strategies such as a free meal or discount on an item.

Online Ordering

Similarly, take advantage of the versatility with social media and online ordering. Whether your business caters to sit-down service or grab-and-go options, online ordering allows for higher revenue and better data tracking than before. You can track each online order with precision and accuracy to reduce any chance of error. Additionally, you can track repeated customers and their orders. Take note of any trends or patterns and use this to your advantage. For example, the next time you notice a customer’s repeated order, offer them a free add-on they might like to bolster sales, and ensure customer loyalty.

Automated Customer Service

Another essential technology is an automated customer service. This helps make sure each customer is satisfied and serviced in a reputable and positive manner. Automated customer service kiosks quicken self-service and reliability. Many of these are 24-hour assistants through help-centers, chatbots, or other forms of artificial intelligence. One of the best parts of automated customer services is that there is typically a human support representative to help customers navigate or troubleshoot any issues.

Table-Side Entertainment

Of course, any family-oriented establishment should provide table-side entertainment. While this is increasingly common within restaurants, small businesses and hotels can use it as well. These guarantee customers remain satisfied during any long instances where service may delay. Additionally, table-side or handheld entertainment keep children distracted while parents peruse local establishments, bars, or restaurants within your hotel or business. While it may seem like a costly investment for you, these systems will increase sales and customer loyalty in no time.

POS System

Unsurprisingly, any business should have a point-of-sale system to ensure all payment processes and transactions occur quickly and smoothly. One of the benefits of using our BPAPOS systems is that it includes many additional services, like inventory management, reservation software, and employee scheduling software. This makes it easy to account for your business’s many needs from one main terminal. Not to mention, the integrated payment processing ensures no extra fees or unaccounted balances for you as the merchant. You’ll save on time and money with our system compared to multiple, separate technologies.

Unsurprisingly, our BPAPOS restaurant POS equipment guarantees simple restaurant transactions and payment processes. As a legacy POS system, you know that our BPA Restaurant POS software allows for greater customer loyalty, security, inventory management, and powerful functionality. Be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you have regarding your system, and someone will happily assist you.


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