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Creative Ways to Get Quality Customer Feedback

Apr 27, 2020

One of the most important concerns of business management is customer behavior. Since a business thrives off its customers, it’s important to prioritize customer retention and loyalty when possible. Still, it’s also important to understand issues your customers experience with your business too. Use these creative ways to get quality customer feedback in your business to see how your customers truly feel about products and services. From there, you can make the proper adjustments and determine the best practices for your business.

Polls and Surveys

A detailed poll or survey is one of the most common forms of quality customer feedback used in businesses today. This is because it’s incredibly easy to receive customer feedback. You can design them to be as creative or engaging as you wish. Still, if you’re able to retrieve the necessary feedback information, then there’s no problem with adding incentives or promotions to encourage customers to complete them.

Social Media

Similarly, social media is another great way to increase customer feedback. It’s the most personal way to find out what people think about your business. With so many social media outlets available, you’re bound to get a representative sample of data to use. Consider Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter to engage with customers and get their input.

Live Chat Support

You can also opt for a live chat system. Like many other options on this list, live chats are simple and easy to use. Customers can quickly respond to a support team via telecommunications and internet accessibility. An online customer service responder will engage with customers in real-time to determine common problems with your products or services. Given this simplicity, customers will use this service effortlessly. Still, it’s important to incentivize them to help get the most amount of data as possible. Be sure to offer a promotion or discount at the end of the chat to encourage repeated visits.

Phone Calls

Small businesses that may not have the technological or financial capabilities to use some of these other methods can still retrieve customer feedback efficiently and presently through phone calls. Phone calls supply firsthand feedback at any given time. It’s also a personal and intimate experience that some customers highly value. The human aspect of a phone call shows you value the customer and their opinion. Just don’t call around lunch, as this is an unfavorable time to call, but rather in the morning around 9:00 a.m. or later afternoon around 4:00 p.m.

Just Ask

Nevertheless, you can still ask, using word-of-mouth. Don’t be afraid after each sale to ask how things were and if the customer was able to find what they were looking for. While you may expect to hear that everything went fine, you may come across people who had issues. Be open to hear honest feedback no matter how negative it might be. Naturally, if it’s something out of your control, then don’t take it personally, but keep in mind the customer’s experience too. The more you cater to your store to the customer’s experience, then the likelier they’ll return and spend more money.

Once you implement these practices, it’s easy to track your customer loyalty with the BPA POS software for small businesses. The legacy POS system supplies key functionality that many others don’t. It supports many loyalty programs and gift card processes as well as inventory control, security, and transaction management. No matter the function, our POS software is essential for any restaurant, retail establishment, or hotel.


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