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How to Sell More Gift Cards in Your Retail Store

May 01, 2020

For every small business, it’s important to optimize any avenue to sell their products and services. This might be through direct marketing, discount sales, or product workshops. Still, one thing many businesses forget is gift cards. While small and portable, gift cards can greatly increase sales and maximize revenue. These tips on how to sell more gift cards in your retail store will help any business owner optimize their gift card

Cross-Merchandise Them

The first way to upsell more gift cards in your retail store is to cross-merchandise them with other items. Be sure to put your gift cards somewhere customers will see them, like near toys or supplies. Cross-merchandising refers to displaying products near other similarly themed products. For instance, you can put sports-themed gift cards near sports supplies. Another example is to put birthday- or holiday-themed gift cards near the greeting card display. This method will increase the probability that customers will buy both items rather than just one.

Use Social Media

Another great way to increase your gift card sales is to use social media platforms to advertise your business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms are great tools to market your products directly to consumers. Through visually appealing or thought-provoking content, you can market any product or service that’s customer-specific. Similarly, you can use these methods to sell electronic gift cards rather than the physical copy. This way, your customers see your product-related content and then make impulse purchases. You’ll notice your sales numbers increase unexpectedly, all because of social media.

Make Them Visually Appealing

Lastly, people want a product that speaks to them, even if it’s small and portable like a gift card. You should always display your gift cards proudly at the front of the store and near the checkout counter. This way, customers may feel more compelled to make an impulsive purchase. Your high-traffic areas are some of the most optimal locations to advertise your gift cards. Make sure to use a display that’s clear and appealing. Consider racks, shelves, and holders that you can use around your store that will draw the attention of any wandering eyes.

Another important characteristic of increasing your gift card sales is the right gift card processing software. That’s why our BPA POS systems are designed with this functionality in mind. We prioritize gift card sales for any small business. Check out our custom business gift cards and processing software. You keep any unused balance with no extra fees or repercussions.

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