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Tips for Training Employees on POS Systems

May 13, 2020

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Point-of-sale systems have many roles in small businesses. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, or retail store, POS systems track inventory, customer loyalty, credit card processing, and employee management all through one terminal. This can become confusing, especially for new employees. That’s why it’s important for any small business owner or manager to know these tips for training employees on POS systems. You’ll see how to effectively teach your employees to become experts with your point-of-sale device.

Provide Hands-On Experience

The first step to train employees on your POS system is to train staff directly. A hands-on learning experience is arguably the best way to learn because it allows your staff to engage with you when using the equipment. While videos and tutorials help, you should know the inner workings of your system enough to relay it to your employees. From there, you should be able to answer any questions or concerns they have.

Highlight the Functionality

Not every POS system is the same, and our BPA POS systems come with excellent functionality to provide smooth and efficient transactions in your business. When teaching staff about this functionality, be sure to highlight every part. For instance, don’t just show them how to clock in and conduct sales processes. Show them how to manage inventory, returns, price matches, and other aspects of your POS system. The more they know about your system, the more efficient each payment process will be.

Give It Time

No matter how well you train your employees, they won’t become POS masters overnight. Give it time. Be patient with your employees as you train them. Do not get frustrated with any errors or issues that occur. Similarly, provide real-time assistance during payment transactions if there is any lag. Customers will be more patient if there is a new system or new trainee operating it.

Ask for Feedback

Another POS system training tip for your employees is to ask them for feedback. If there are lags or mishaps, follow up with your employees about them. With clear communication, you will identify any weak points within the process faster than before. Additionally, with clear engagement, you make it known that you value your employee’s opinions. This helps secure your work dynamic while ensuring reliable payment transactions through your POS system.

Given this, it’s essential you have the right retail accounting software at your store. Our retail POS systems are the perfect solution to integrate credit card payments, inventory, bar code printing, and accounting software in one POS system. This functionality is thorough and easy to learn. Call us today with any questions or concerns about our POS systems, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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