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How to Use Closed-Loop Gift Cards

Sep 11, 2020

Closed-Loop Gift Cards

Running your business efficiently often involves having an easy and secure payment processing system. When it comes to gift cards, there are two main types: open-loop and closed-loop gift cards. Here is some guidance on how to use closed-loop gift cards with your business.

How Closed-Loop Gift Cards Work

Closed-loop gift cards are used by businesses to increase sales and entice old and new customers to return. Whether you are running a restaurant, retail store, hotel, or even a grocery store, you stand to gain more business and revenue with gift cards. Closed-loop gift cards are redeemable only at the store they are purchased from. Oppositely, open-loop gift cards—often supplied by banks or other financial institutions—are redeemable at any business with a credit card processor.

Finding the Best Solution

Gift cards are a great solution to increase your sales, boost marketing to new customers, and inexpensively gain customer loyalty. The benefit of gift cards is that they are customizable and renewable, allowing your business to create a uniquely designed and sustainable stream of revenue. Depending on your business’s situation, you may already have gift card capacities. But if you do not, start with the basics. You will need gift card processing software such as the ones we have developed at Business Software Solutions along with the physical gift cards. The software component allows you to track and sell gift cards with ease.

Ordering Your First Gift Cards

Using gift cards can quickly improve your sales. Before you dive headfirst into ordering gift cards, though, be sure to have a few design ideas in mind. This will help you in the customizing process and get your gift cards to you quickly. Also, purchase and download the software along with the physical credit cards so that you are able to utilize your first shipment when it arrives. Additionally, consider ordering a gift card display or gift card sleeves to more attractively present your new service to your customers.

Gift cards are a great way to boost sales and brand recognition. Whether you own a restaurant or a retail store, be sure to find a creative way to display your gift cards. By utilizing these simple tips on how to use closed-loop gift cards, you can get started on your journey towards higher sales.

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