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Ways To Increase Table Turnover Rate

Sep 11, 2020

Table Turnover

One of the most efficient ways to increase business at a restaurant is table turnover rate. Breaking it down, this refers to the number of tables served at any given time. The more tables served in the fastest amount of time results in higher revenue and profits for the restaurant. Nevertheless, sometimes this system backlogs. However, there are some ways to increase table turnover rate to get your restaurant back on track.

Only Seat Complete Parties

This one might sound controversial, but seating incomplete parties will only lead to longer wait times for other guests. Any delays only decrease table turnover rates, making that day slower than needed. The server might receive a lesser tip from an impatient party, and the restaurant misses out on any guests who decide to leave from waiting too long. Therefore, implement a rule where hosts only seat complete parties. The faster everyone’s seated, the more revenue you can make that day.

Minimize Trips To the Kitchen

Although it’s common for waitstaff to make more than one trip to the kitchen due to incomplete orders or customer requests, this overtime adds up. More than two trips can easily slow business compared to just taking one or two. Before asking anything, the waitstaff should already have bread and menus in hand. Water should be at the ready as well. Ultimately, the more prepared everyone is, the less time is spent figuring out the next step. It might also help to have a printed version of the check on hand for when the guests are ready to leave. If they want dessert or another beverage, print a new one.

Highlight Quick Menu Items

Salads, soups, daily specials, and premade desserts are all some quick menu items you can highlight for extra convenience. Remember, the trick to increasing table turnover rate is to minimize as much extra time as possible. So, suggesting items the kitchen can prepare quickly already pushes in that direction. This tactic can work well on busier nights when the kitchen is overbooked. These items, and more, take less time to prepare than a steak or souffle. While some customers might be adamant about their choices, suggest quicker menu items for anyone indecisive.

Use Technology To Streamline the Process

Finally, consider technology to streamline the process. POS systems and seating software are two prominent examples. Sometimes the service could be exceptional, but the wait times to get the check could be horrendously slow. Having too few terminals or outdated terminals could cause this backlog. Seating software could also improve this slowness. Although some hosts manually keep track of available tables, it’s more efficient to do so using modern technology. Seating software calculates the number of staff and resources for each party while also informing the guests when their table is ready.

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