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How Tableside Ordering Can Help Your Restaurant

Oct 19, 2020

Tableside Ordering

The best way to grow as a business—especially in the food industry—is to continue innovating. When it comes to restaurants, there are certain expectations as far as how the process goes. However, you can work new technologies and techniques into the customers’ experience to benefit them. Here is how tableside ordering can help your restaurant.

Increased Table Turnover

With a tableside ordering device, customers in your restaurant can order whenever they are ready. Instead of relying on your wait staff to watch several tables at once, using a tableside device allows diners to select their food and drinks as soon as they want. When they finish their order, it will go straight back to the kitchen. This will decrease the amount of time your wait staff takes to input orders and will help them manage their tables more easily.

Decreased Payment Time

When customers finish their food, it is only a matter of time until they are ready to leave. Yet, servers cannot always anticipate this timing, especially on busier nights. Giving the customers the ability to pay when they want allows them to leave at the moment of their choosing. Some tableside ordering systems even have customers pay upfront when ordering which makes it even easier for them to leave when desired.

More Security

Many of your customers probably pay with a credit card. When they settle their bill, they place their card into the slot and wait for the server to take it to the back and charge the amount. However, some customers are wary of letting their card out of their sight because credit card issues are known to occur. By allowing customers to pay at their table, you can provide them with peace of mind when completing their transaction.

Improved Data Reports

If you have other restaurant POS equipment, you will know that a point of sale system provides detailed reports and analysis. Using tableside ordering, you can improve your data reports even more. With information about how customers interact with the menu items and which items people purchase frequently, you can make better-informed decisions regarding your business.

By knowing how tableside ordering can help your restaurant, you can decide if it is something you need for your business. If you have any questions about tableside technology or restaurant point of sale equipment, contact us here at Business Software Solutions today.

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