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How To Speed up the Checkout Process

Jan 13, 2021

Checking out on a POS System

The equipment you use during checkout drastically impacts how fast staff can settle customer transactions. Your cash registers and POS software may be inefficient, outdated, or even non-existent, so look for ways to use better equipment for your business. Research which options best fit your industry needs and search for good deals. If you need point of sale software and hardware for your enterprise, Business Software Solutions has industry-tailored options for restaurants, hotels, retailers, and more.

When you choose new equipment, always look for items that are compatible with your other systems so you can seamlessly implement new technology. You should also check for high processing speeds and memory storage in new tech so you can quickly and easily conduct consumer transactions.

Digitize Loyalty Programs

If you want more returning customers, you should implement a loyalty program. Not only do these options benefit the customer and increase your revenue, but they also secure consistent and loyal consumers. Yet, many businesses have punch tickets or magnetized cards that require customers to bring their loyalty card with them. Let’s be honest, most people either forget to bring these when they shop or they don’t want to add another card to their wallet. Either way, you waste money giving out new cards and spend extra time looking up customers in your digital database.

You ought to digitize your loyalty programs altogether and cut down on the time returning customers spend at the register. Depending on your system, this could happen in several ways. The most common option is for your customers to present a digital barcode or member ID number at checkout. By using mobile devices, consumers can have one less card in their pocket. With a simple-to-use loyalty program that is accessible at the touch of a button, you will increase the usage of it.   

Adapt Store Policies

You likely train your staff to greet customers and chat them up at the cash register. Though this adds a nice touch to your customers’ experience, it takes up more time. This time suddenly turns into quite a precious commodity when the lines lengthen. At this point, it becomes a delicate balancing act. While you may improve the customer experience of the person at the register with small talk, you will detract from the experience of the other customers in line with longer waits.

Adapt your store policies to account for longer lines. When you see more than a handful of people queued up, forgo your customer information gathering and deal promoting. You may lose out on one signee while saving a host of other loyal customers. This give and take is not always easy to manage, but with the right training, you can equip your staff to adapt to the situation.

Offer More Receipt Options

The receipt is a critical piece of information establishing the business conducted between two parties. Though many customers forget or decline to take their receipts, most people want a record of their purchase for their personal finances. When people follow the prompts on the touchpad, you should offer them more receipt options than just paper alone.

Customers increasingly use their email and other online platforms to handle their financial information. Thus, emailed receipts may be more effective than a paper one for certain consumer demographics. Offer your customers the option of an emailed receipt instead of a printed one so you can decrease the time it takes for the receipt to print. Plus, you will decrease the cost of receipt paper and save the environment at the same time.

Learn more about how to speed up the checkout process and implement these ideas in your business. If you have any questions about our products at Business Software Solutions, reach out to our team today!

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