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Tips and Tricks To Selling Merchandise at Your Coffee Shop

Mar 24, 2021

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Merchandise is a great way to boost profits and brand recognition. The simple act of selling branded merch puts the seed in people’s minds that your shop has a name for itself, and customers should join in the fun. Here are the best tips and tricks to selling merchandise at your coffee shop.

Settle on a Lineup

The first thing you want to do is create a solid lineup of items you want to brand. It is both financially challenging and aesthetically tacky just to slap your logo on a bunch of random items. There is a limit to how many types of products you should brand. Settle on a handful of merchandise that you want to sell and promote at your coffee shop, and people will begin to take notice. You can also dive deeper into these sections once you get going. Instead of just a plain black t-shirt with your logo, you can branch out into other colors or designs.

Incorporate Out-of-the-Box Merch

Let’s face it—nowadays, almost every shop seems to have a branded t-shirt or a branded mug. How about doing something different? What about a logo-bearing gift card? Or a branded straw notebook? When you incorporate out-of-the-box merch, you set yourself apart and create a competitive advantage. You should definitely offer the basics but give your customers something they haven’t seen before as well. If you need gift card processing software to go with your branded cards, reach out to our team at Business Software Solutions for an option that fits your needs.

Utilize Promotions

As a coffee shop, you know what the good stuff tastes like, and so do your customers. You should consider promoting a coffee of the month in a branded coffee bag that customers can take and brew at home. You can advertise this coffee of the month and recommend it to customers through signage and conversation once inside. Promotions focused on merch are a great way to draw attention to something some consumers may glance over.

Use these tips and tricks for selling merchandise at your coffee shop as you implement your branded merch line. You want your customers to find something they like for themselves and would buy for a friend. You can even do some market research and poll people as they come through your store. The only limit to your merchandising potential is your creativity.


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