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Practical Ways To Increase Repeat Guests at Your Hotel

May 07, 2021

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When running any business, you want to craft a unique experience that people remember. If customers have a pleasant or helpful enough experience, they may even come back to your establishment. Securing return customers is a challenge since people are always free to shop wherever they like. Yet, there are practical ways to increase repeat guests at your hotel.

Prioritize Customer Service

Everyone values a first impression. Whether it is a romantic date or a job interview, people remember how you treat them at the very beginning when there is little established relationship. A guest at your hotel should feel just as valued the first time as their ninth. Prioritizing customer service ensures that people have a relaxing, supportive, and pleasant stay at your hotel. It will help to train your employees on the best practices and techniques for success when interacting with customers. When a client walks in and sees a smiling, friendly face, the relationship will be off to a great start. The customer should feel this friendliness until the moment they checkout, which also means they should have a simple and efficient checkout process. If you need to revamp your front desk system, consider adding credit card processing hardware like ours at Business Software Solutions.

Solve Problems Efficiently

It is an unfortunate reality in property management that appliances will break and locks will not work. Instead of seeing these occurrences as nuisances, think of them as opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. If there is no ice in the ice machine, you should send someone to a local gas station for a bag of ice and schedule a maintenance person to fix the device in the morning. Or, if the lock system does not work and someone cannot access their room, have a few options on hand to solve the issue promptly and gain access to the unit. When customers see your swift efforts to fix their problems, they have less cause to complain.

Offer Exclusive Incentives

A customer at your hotel has the means and opportunity to travel and spend the money to stay with you. So, give them an excuse to do it all over again. Look for ways to offer exclusive incentives and rewards benefits. Since hotels are often a home base for people vacationing in the area, you should incentivize customers with travel packages that make visiting your establishment more appealing.

Keep these practical ways to increase repeat guests at your hotel in mind as you plan out your business strategy for the next few months. While you may not have the power of a large hotel chain, you do have the ability to encourage people to revisit your property.

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