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Top Tips for Designing Business Gift Cards

Oct 21, 2021

Gift Cards

As a business owner, it’s crucial to always look for new ways to entice your customer base. And gift cards are just one of the many excellent ways you can accomplish this. So, take a look at these top tips for designing business gift cards and discover how you can craft a design that makes people want to engage with your products and services.

Find the Right Supplier

Before you can start incorporating gift cards into your business, you’ll need to find the right card supplier to handle the creation and distribution process. However, depending on each service provider, some may be able to offer both the gift cards as well as provide graphical designs. There are all sorts of card suppliers that offer different prices and services. So, it’s wise to select one based on what aligns with your plan for the cards. For instance, if you’re easing into it, you might want to start with a supplier that does simpler designs for a little less money.

Or, if you’ve been thinking about it for a while and your designs are ready to be sent off, it might be more beneficial for you to opt for a more significant supplier that offers premium services. Either way, selecting a supplier that will help you achieve what you’re after is imperative to successfully integrate gift cards into your business.

Know Who You're Selling To

Once you have a supplier in mind, the fun part begins—planning your designs! In this stage, you must gain a clear picture of who will be using the gift cards you plan to sell. You likely have a general idea of who your customers are and what they want. But with gift cards, it’s prudent to take it a step further and consider who the recipients of your gift cards will be.

For instance, suppose you own a small rock-climbing gym for young kids. In this case, you would want your design to be more colorful and kid-friendly. Even though parents will probably be the ones making the purchase, their kids will be using the cards. So, it’s essential to consider these kinds of things when you start outlining the look of your cards.

Showcase Your Brand

Once you have a loose idea of what your cards will look like, you’ll want to start integrating more intricate details that showcase your brand. To illustrate, dream up some creative ways to incorporate your business’s slogan or logo. Just as well, take some time to think about which colors will make your gift cards stand out while reminding customers of your business.

And, depending on how diverse your customer base is, you might want to consider creating a few designs rather than just one. Doing this will help add some variety to your gift cards so they’ll appeal to everyone who visits your business. Finally, ensure that whatever design you land on is unique and telling of the type of business you run.

Hopefully, some of these top tips for designing business gift cards shed some light on how you can make your gift cards truly captivating and unique. And when the time comes to integrate your gift card fully, we hope you’ll consider BPAPOS to handle the gift card system for your small business.

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