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Tips for Implementing Takeout at Your Restaurant

Oct 28, 2021

Restaurant Takeout

Customers love versatility, especially when it comes to convenience and the different ways they can enjoy your food. So, take a moment to read some of our favorite tips for implementing takeout at your restaurant and see how offering this kind of service can help your business flourish.

Train Your Staff

Never underestimate the power of a well-trained staff, especially when adding new features to your establishment (like takeout.) Ensuring you have a skilled, capable group of people to help enforce new policies, handle orders, and address customer concerns can help this aspect of your restaurant flourish.

You can select a few members of your house staff to handle takeout. Or you can take a few extra steps by hiring and training a new team that handles to-go orders and deliveries. Either way, having staff members who understand the nuances of takeout services will ensure service is efficient, top-quality, and satisfying for your guests.

Create a Takeout Menu

After you've sorted out who will handle the takeout orders, make a menu that explicitly outlines the dishes you'll offer with your new service. This is especially beneficial if you plan on restricting the availability of certain items or specials for dine-in guests only.

When you have a separate takeout menu, you're giving your customers a clear idea of their options for takeout. This eliminates a lot of unnecessary guesswork for them. Furthermore, posting your takeout menu on your website can make the to-go service even more efficient. Doing this enables customers to call ahead, so their order is hot and ready when they arrive for pick-up.

Package Your Food Properly

A cornerstone to a thriving takeout section is ensuring that your food is fresh, delicious, and fully intact once it reaches its destination. Select top-quality packaging for your takeout that's practical, effective, and clean. This ensures all the food stays fresh and fully intact during travel, so your customers are satisfied with their meal once they sit down to eat. As a result, your customers will continue to order takeout with you because they can expect well-packaged quality takeout.

Incorporate Takeout Orders Into Your POS

Incorporating takeout also means finding a way to organize the payments that come with each order. And with the vast tech options available to help you do this, there's no reason to get lost in a massive amalgamation of dine-in and takeout orders that are likely to fly through your system daily.

So, look into the different features of your POS to see if it has any organizational tools that might help you create a separate platform for takeout orders. And if you don't already have these features, contact us at BPAPOS. We'll make sure you're set up with top-of-the-line restaurant point of sale equipment that will meet your needs.

Hopefully, these tips for implementing takeout at your restaurant helps you gain a better understanding of the numerous benefits that come with offering this kind of service.

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