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Tips for Improving Integrity Among Employees

Nov 16, 2021

Integrity Among Employees

Fostering open and clear communication is a cornerstone of running your small business ethically. But when your staff feels they can’t be upfront about their concerns, this often leads to miscommunication and a lack of honesty. So, take some time to scan our tips for improving integrity among employees and avoid the pitfalls of a taciturn work environment.

Treat Everyone Equally

One excellent tip for improving integrity among employees is ensuring that you and the other leaders of your establishment are treating each employee equally. When employees feel their work environment is cliquey or their higher-ups tend to play favorites, it can keep them from wanting to speak up when they have an issue or a grievance with one of their co-workers.

However, when your employees see that you carry yourself ethically and treat everyone the same, they’ll feel more comfortable approaching you. Plus, it’ll encourage them to act appropriately and with respect for your business.

Reward Transparency

Rewarding transparency among your employees is another excellent way to increase the level of integrity within your establishment. For many workers, it can be intimidating to approach their leadership team and be honest about their weaknesses, needs, and any mistakes they’ve made.

So, when they are honest about these things, rewarding them with positive affirmations or even a physical reward, such as an extra break or a free meal, can make a huge difference. Doing this sets up a company culture that’s built on clarity and open communication. Your employees will be far less likely to feel like they need to hide things from you.

Admit Your Own Mistakes

As a leader, it’s also prudent to admit your shortcomings and mistakes to your employees. After all, no one’s perfect, and in the chaotic world of small business, slip-ups are inevitable for everyone, including you. So even if you gave someone the wrong information, be honest, take responsibility for it, and fix the issue.

This will demonstrate to your staff that making a mistake isn’t the end of the world, and it will also show them the best way to handle their errors in the future. Plus, it’ll make your employees feel comfortable coming to you when they need help, as they know that you will address their problems and correct them quickly.

Make It Painless To Report Issues

Of course, you can’t make everyone act with more transparency, even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and communicate clearly. You will likely run into situations where at least a few of your employees act without integrity. It’s wise to be prepared for when these things happen by making it easier for other staff members to file formal complaints about the behavior they see in their co-workers. Part of this process involves ensuring your staff is comfortable coming to you with issues.

But the other aspect of it is setting a reporting system that’s painless, discreet, and easy to use. This is especially true if the reports contain sensitive information about things like theft or harassment. Luckily, there are various POS and inventory systems for small businesses that come with the features to make this possible.

And if you’re looking for these types of solutions to help create an environment where your staff feels empowered to be more honest and act with integrity, BPAPOS can help you find the right tech solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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