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Features Your Restaurant Tablet POS System Must Have

Nov 29, 2021

Restaurant POS system

If you want to ensure that your establishment is operating smoothly and with as much efficiency as possible, there are certain features your POS systems should have. Take a moment to learn about some of the integral components of tablet POS software and whether or not your business might be due for an upgrade.

Speedy Interface

One of the features your restaurant tablet POS system must have is speed. When you experience that all-too-familiar weekend rush, you’ll likely prefer a system that doesn’t take minutes at a time to load different screens or send orders through to the kitchen. When this happens, it makes service significantly slower for your customers.

Plus, it presents you and your staff with challenges that would otherwise be easy to avoid. And because the speed of most software depends on your establishment’s Internet bandwidth, you’ll want to check to see whether your system is a hardwired, Internet-based, or hybrid system. Ideally, you’ll want to have a local or hybrid system, as they’re generally more reliable for a busy restaurant than the Internet-based types.

Inventory Control

It’s also beneficial to have inventory control features incorporated into your tablet POS systems. Having a convenient way to track crucial aspects of your restaurant, such as food costs, profit margins, and how much food you have on hand is a necessity. So it’s wise to ensure that your POS system comes with an extensive inventory control feature.

Quality Reporting

Ensuring that your tablet POS software also includes quality reporting features is a no-brainer. This is especially true when you consider the fact that quality reporting is responsible for keeping track of a few of the essential components of your business, such as:

  • Sales by item, time, and department
  • Employee labor
  • Sales vs. labor cost
  • Seating performance

Having a detailed and easy-to-read record of these various elements enables you to run a more prosperous and efficient restaurant. Namely, it allows you a comprehensive look into the high-performing areas of your establishment, as well as the ones that could use some improvement.

Menu and Table Management

Of course, we can’t discuss the features your restaurant POS system must have without mentioning the need for menu and table management software. For context, these are the parts of your POS system responsible for collecting and sending orders to the kitchen and managing seating in each section of your establishment.

Ensuring that these aspects of your restaurant POS software for tablets are convenient, intuitive, and easy to use will make the primary operations of your business much simpler and more convenient for everyone.

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