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How Handheld Ordering Systems Benefit Your Restaurant

Mar 14, 2022

Restaurant Handheld Ordering System

These days, you need to constantly innovate your operations to provide your customers with efficient, top-quality services to run a successful restaurant. Lately, many establishments are turning to handheld ordering devices to help them improve an essential element of their business—superb customer service. Delve into some of the ways these unique devices are forging a path to streamlined operations and fantastic customer service for restaurants everywhere.

Faster Service and Quicker Table Turns

When discussing how handheld ordering systems benefit your restaurant, it’s essential to start by mentioning how they speed up service. Under traditional circumstances, servers must walk back and forth from their tables to the POS central hub. Once they receive orders from tables, they then have to take and input them and remember any customer preferences.

Then, they have to provide the check, accept the payment, and produce a receipt. Needless to say, this process is tedious, and one misstep can cause a serious delay in service. However, when you opt to use restaurant POS software for tablets, you give your servers the opportunity to streamline their processes with a handheld device.

They’re able to take and input orders, accept payments, and provide receipts tableside while your POS main hub records all essential information from a distance. Plus, speedier service means quicker table turns. As a result, you can expect to see more customers coming to your establishment consistently.  

Increased Success in Customer Loyalty Programs

Handheld devices like tablets can also make customer loyalty programs more successful. This has a lot to do with how these devices can speed up processes across the board. For instance, they can sign customers up for email newsletters and rewards memberships. In fact, some establishments have reported a considerable increase in loyalty sign-ups when using a handheld device and POS central hub in tandem.

Plus, these devices also make it much easier to collect essential data about regular customers so that you can keep them coming back to your restaurant. As you know, effective loyalty programs encourage frequent visits and increased spending. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that we included improved loyalty programs in our guide on how handheld ordering systems benefit your restaurant.

Better Customer Experiences Overall

Of course, speedy service and data intake aren’t exclusively beneficial to your establishment. They’re also advantageous for your customers. We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to wait eons for our food and drinks to arrive. And sometimes, when it does get to the table, there are onions where there should be none, or the food isn’t remotely close to what we ordered. Either way, these minor inconveniences contribute to a lousy customer experience.

Even if it’s just a few poorly timed, honest mistakes (which it typically is), these things can be very off-putting, especially for new customers. But with handheld devices streamlining everything, there’s much less room for error. Orders are more accurate, delays are less frequent, and customers come out more satisfied with their experience. That’s why incorporating handheld devices into your operations is worth considering.

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