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Reasons Your Restaurant Needs Order Kiosks

Apr 21, 2022

Order kiosks are forging a path to a brighter future for restaurants of every shape, size, and specialty. Their innovative technology makes order accuracy, smooth operations, and customer satisfaction a cinch. But the benefits of these digital-age devices go far beyond just that. Explore how this new technology improves the restaurant industry and discover the possibilities it can bring to your establishment.

What Is an Order Kiosk?

Before we delve into the reasons your restaurant needs order kiosks, it’s wise to have a firm understanding of what they are. In their most basic definition, order kiosks—self-ordering kiosks, to be precise—are standalone digital devices that are currently gaining traction in the restaurant industry. They display menu items through a screen, allowing customers to input their orders and provide payment through the kiosk rather than through traditional service.

Most of these kiosks can connect to the POS hubs a business already has established. These innovative systems come with a host of benefits, chief among them is how they allow you to streamline operations and overall workflow.

How Do They Benefit Restaurants?

Streamlined operations are just the start of what these systems can do for your restaurant. The truth is that this type of restaurant point of sale equipment goes far beyond ensuring that operations run smoothly. They can also boost your order sizes, improve order efficiency, and even help you save a little on labor costs. Let’s take a moment to explore these advantages in greater detail.  

They Increase Average Order Size

Outside of streamlined operations, the reason your restaurant needs order kiosks starts with the fact that they can increase your average order sizes. Even larger fast-food franchises have seen a significant increase in sales after installing self-serving kiosks. Not to mention that certain smaller establishments have experienced a $2 rise in individual orders. Two dollars may seem inconsequential, but each sale starts to add up over time.

Kiosks tend to affect spending habits because their digital interfaces make customers more likely to indulge in discounts and promotions. After all, it’s unlikely that these kiosks will forget to bring up any specials on the day’s menu. Plus, customers are also empowered to order whatever they like without the fear of being judged for their choices.

They Improve Order Efficiency

It’s no secret that order efficiency is a prominent concern for restaurants. Cashiers and other wait staff have a multitude of tasks to worry about on top of serving customers. So it’s perfectly natural for order accuracy to fall short at times. That said, consistently inaccurate orders can lead to poor customer satisfaction and a delay in service altogether. The good news is that self-order kiosk technology can help. For one, they have data-collection features that make easy work of prioritizing orders and keeping your front- and back-of-house in sync.

They’re also capable of predicting daily traffic and order volumes and can even provide insight into which menu items sell the most. On top of that, they can ensure customers distribute themselves evenly between kiosks and cashiers or servers, so no service channel is overwhelmed. This means you can spend less time worrying about whether your orders are accurate and more time focused on other aspects of your business that could benefit from your attention.

They Reduce Labor Expenses

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for restaurants to suffer from a shortage of workers from time to time. This is primarily due to various economic factors and high turnover rates. But the good news is that self-ordering kiosks can help with that, too. Kiosks can effectively add multiple cashiers to your staff while costing you virtually nothing in labor expenses.

They can also give you the flexibility to move staff members around to manage tasks that might require immediate attention. Of course, these kiosks can’t replace your human staff members. But they can reduce labor costs and stress levels within your establishment, especially during peak hours of operation.

How Do They Benefit Customers?

By now, you understand that order kiosks are a beneficial device for your staff and overall business operations. So it shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that they can also be incredibly advantageous to your customers. Order kiosks can modernize and improve customer experiences. They can also reduce customer wait time and enhance your establishment’s health and safety. Curious about the specifics? We thought you might be, which is why we’ve outlined them for you below.

They Modernize the Customer Experience

To start, self-order kiosks modernize the customer experience. These days, consumers crave tech-driven solutions that make their everyday lives a little more convenient. In other words, customers want their browsing and ordering to be quick and easy. The same rule applies to airing their concerns and having them addressed. Luckily, self-ordering kiosks can service customers in this exact way. Many of these self-serving interfaces mimic smartphone technology, making them intuitive and easy to navigate.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they can provide customers with essential ingredients and nutritional information about the food they’re eating. Also, because they have payment systems in place, kiosks make payment more straightforward and efficient. Overall, these characteristics bring customer experiences into the modern era. As a result, satisfaction with your establishment’s products and services is bound to increase.  

They Reduce Customer Wait Times

Utilizing kiosks can also drastically reduce customer wait times across the board. Rather than assembling in an ever-growing line to the counter, customers can spread out to various booths and send their orders to the kitchen in minutes. This is especially true in restaurants that have more kiosks than cashiers. This means that customers don’t have to waste large chunks of time waiting around to place their orders. Additionally, self-ordering interface technology allows customers to receive responses to inquiries about nutrition, allergy information, side substitutions, and the like. When customers can get what they need quickly, it leads to less wait time and higher-quality service overall.

They Increase Establishment Health and Safety

This comprehensive guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention how these kiosks can improve health and safety throughout your establishment. After all, cleanliness and distance have become a standard part of social outings. Thus, having a few well-spaced self-order kiosks can help keep things healthy and safe for both your staff and your customers. To start, these kiosks eliminate the need for face-to-face order interactions. Their size also means that they’re typically placed a considerable distance apart. These attributes make it much easier for customers and staff to take the precautions necessary to protect their health and safety.

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