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Tableside Tech: The Future of Dining Experience with Interactive POS Solutions

Feb 26, 2024

Tableside Tech

Many of us grew up watching movies and TV shows showcasing a futuristic vision of a more automated dining experience. While robots haven't completely taken over our restaurant world (yet), other impressive technological advances have transformed the industry. One of the most significant changes is the improvement and availability of interactive point-of-sale systems. When the right restaurant POS system is in place, guests enjoy a seamless and pleasant experience.

Here are just a few ways that tableside technology and POS innovation can revolutionize the restaurant industry:

Improved Ordering Dynamics

Going out to eat traditionally meant perusing printed menus, waiting for busy staff to stop by your table, and communicating your order so it comes out right. However, these interactions leave much to be desired for both the restaurant and guests.

Printed menus add significant costs to restaurants. They require labor to clean at the end of every shift, since guests and staff inadvertently spill food and drinks on them. They carry hefty upfront printing costs. And updating menu items or pricing requires a subsequent round of printing.

For guests with special requests or food allergies, communicating their needs often falls short. Waitstaff may forget to write something down or mis enter something while punching in the order.

Now, thanks to POS system innovations, these troubles are a thing of the past. The tableside tech puts the menu at the guests’ fingertips. They can more easily send their requests directly to the kitchen without a middleman. And restaurants can more quickly and easily keep their menus updated.

Real-Time Menu Updates

Traditional menus are relatively static. Even when a restaurant offers specials, featured menu items, or has out-of-stock issues, the patrons may not always receive that information. Historically, it required the razor-sharp memory of waitstaff and management to ensure those updates were communicated to regulars. And, sometimes, there were gaps. However, with recent improvements to point-of-sale management software, those troubles are a thing of the past. Interactive solutions allow for real-time updates. This feature ensures guests stay informed about changes and gives owners additional freedom to adjust to customer demands.

Improved Operational Efficiency

The benefits of interactive POS solutions extend beyond customer satisfaction. Even restaurant staff can benefit from POS system innovations. With some of their time freed up, servers can redirect their focus, providing personalized service. Additionally, as operational efficiency improves, table turnover rates may quickly follow. That enables you to serve more guests without diminishing the overall experience.

Contactless Payment

The best restaurant POS systems will offer secure contactless payment options. One of the primary benefits of this is that it allows guests to cash out at their own pace without worrying about flagging down busy servers. This feature gives your customers more freedom and control over their dining experience and may improve table turnover rates. Additionally, automated payment screens are a more eco-friendly solution. They eliminate the need for endless supplies of printer paper, reducing overall costs and providing an environmentally friendly solution.

Data-Driven Insights

One of the most enticing features of point-of-sale management software is the data tracking abilities. Gone are the days of wading through several different computer programs to run reports. A good restaurant POS systems ensures that all the information you want is available quickly and easily. The National Restaurant Association’s 2022 State of the Restaurant Industry shows that 80% of owners felt a competitive advantage after switching to tableside tech. You can keep track of seasonal trends, menu preferences, and labor needs to help you make more informed and rapid business decisions.

Are you ready to take your restaurant to the next level? The Business Software Solutions team can help you find the best solution. Contact us today to learn more!

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