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Finding the Perfect POS System Software for Your Restaurant

Jul 03, 2024

POS system restaurant - pos system restaurant software

When running a restaurant, whether it's a cozy café or a bustling full-service establishment, optimizing operations can make a huge difference. One key tool to achieve this is a POS system restaurant software. This software helps streamline your workflow by integrating tasks like accounting, inventory management, and payment processing into one seamless solution.

Here's a quick overview of what the best POS system restaurant software can offer:

  1. Menu and Product Management: Easily update and manage your menu items across multiple locations.
  2. Table Management: Efficiently allocate and monitor table availability to optimize customer flow.
  3. Order and Payment Processing: Fast, flexible options for processing payments, including contactless.
  4. Employee Management: Handle scheduling, performance tracking, and permissions straight from the POS.
  5. Customer Loyalty Programs: Engage and retain customers with tailored loyalty and reward programs.
  6. Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into sales, inventory levels, and customer preferences.

A robust POS system like the systems and software BPA POS has created can be a game-changer for restaurant owners by reducing manual errors, improving customer satisfaction, and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

What is a POS System for Restaurants?

In the front of the house, a POS system helps servers take orders, process payments, and manage tables. For example, a server can use a tablet to take an order at the table, which then gets sent directly to the kitchen. This reduces the chances of errors and speeds up service.

Employee taking order using a fast food pos system software

Back of House

In the back of the house, the POS system connects directly to kitchen display systems (KDS). Orders appear on screens in the kitchen, prioritized by time and type. This ensures that the kitchen staff knows exactly what to prepare and when, reducing wait times and improving order accuracy.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is another critical feature. A good POS system tracks the ingredients used in each dish, helping you manage stock levels and reduce waste. For instance, if a dish is selling out quickly, the system can alert you to reorder ingredients before you run out.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is a core function of any POS system. Modern systems offer multiple payment options, including credit cards, mobile payments, and even contactless options. This flexibility ensures that customers can pay in the way that’s most convenient for them.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

One of the most powerful features of a POS system is its ability to generate real-time reports and analytics. These insights can help you understand sales trends, manage labor costs, and optimize your menu. For example, you can see which dishes are most popular and adjust your inventory and staffing levels accordingly.

A POS system for restaurants is an essential tool that integrates all aspects of restaurant management into one platform. It enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and provides valuable insights to help you run your restaurant more effectively.

Key Features to Look for in Restaurant POS System Software

Choosing the right POS system restaurant software can transform your restaurant operations. Here are key features to consider:

Menu Management

A robust menu management feature is crucial. It allows you to customize your menu, track inventory, and note modifications, special offers, and sold-out items. This ensures that your staff always has the most up-to-date information, reducing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Table Management

Efficient table management helps streamline front-of-house operations. Look for software that includes floor plan management and tableside ordering. This can speed up service, reduce wait times, and improve the overall dining experience.

Online Ordering

Many customers prefer the convenience of online ordering. Your POS system should include ordering capabilities, either as a built-in feature or an add-on. This allows customers to place orders for pickup or delivery, which can boost your sales and reach.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs help retain customers by rewarding them for their repeat business. A good POS system will allow you to collect customer contact information and award points or discounts. Some systems even offer automated, targeted promotions to keep customers coming back.

Employee Management

Managing your staff efficiently is vital. Look for features that allow you to set up employee access and permissions, schedule shifts, let employees clock in and out, and split tips. This can save you time and help you manage labor costs more effectively.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time analytics provide valuable insights into your restaurant’s performance. You can run reports on different sales channels, track popular menu items, and monitor labor costs. This data helps you make informed decisions to improve your margins and operational efficiency.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based solutions offer flexibility and security. They allow you to access your data from any device, anywhere. This is particularly useful for multi-location businesses, as you can manage all your sites from a single platform. Plus, cloud-based systems often come with automatic updates and backups, ensuring your data is always secure and up-to-date.

These features can significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of your restaurant.

Benefits of Using POS System Software in Restaurants


Using POS system restaurant software can make your restaurant run smoother. It automates tasks like taking orders and processing payments. This lets your staff spend more time on customer service.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 80% of restaurant owners said they had an edge over their competitors after switching to tableside tablets. This boost in efficiency often leads to faster table turnover and higher revenue.

Increased Revenue for Restaurants using Rapid Server Tablets


Manual entry systems are prone to errors. A POS system reduces mistakes by accurately tracking orders, payments, and inventory. This helps prevent discrepancies and ensures that you always have the right stock levels. As Forbes points out, this real-time data makes managing finances and inventory much easier and more accurate.

Customer Satisfaction

A good POS system enhances the dining experience. Features like contactless payment and loyalty programs make transactions smoother and more enjoyable for customers. Shaz, co-founder of Tono Pizzeria + Cheesesteaks, notes the importance of reliability and ease of use in a POS system, which directly impacts customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

By improving efficiency and accuracy, POS systems can save you money. They reduce waste, prevent theft, and optimize stock levels. For instance, BPA's inventory tracking software helps maintain stock levels with minimal waste by using real-time forecasting data. This means you can order the right quantities at the optimal times, saving on costs.

Data Insights

One of the most valuable features of a POS system is its ability to provide data-driven insights. You can track seasonal trends, menu preferences, and labor needs. This information helps you make informed decisions about staffing, inventory, and menu changes.


Whether you have one location or multiple, a POS system can grow with your business. Cloud-based solutions allow you to manage all sites from a single platform, making it easier to scale. BPA POS offers robust capabilities and mobile POS tablets designed to handle the demands of growing businesses, ensuring seamless operations as you expand.

Managing multiple restaurant locations efficiently with a single POS system - pos system restaurant software infographic

Top POS System Software for Restaurants in 2024


BPA POS offers a robust and feature-rich POS system specifically designed for restaurants. It's user-friendly and customizable, letting you tailor the system to meet your unique needs for $155/per month. Key features include contactless ordering, real-time insights, and seamless ordering processes. The software also supports mobile POS tablets and kitchen display systems, enhancing both front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Inventory management, menu management, and employee scheduling are all integrated, making it a comprehensive solution for any restaurant.

Price Comparison

To make an informed choice, it's crucial to consider the cost-effectiveness of each POS system. Below is a price comparison chart showcasing BPA POS against other top-rated systems:

Price Comparison of Top POS Systems - pos system restaurant software infographic comparison

The infographic details the monthly subscription fees, hardware costs, and additional features for BPA POS, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Choosing BPA POS not only streamlines your operations but also provides a solution that grows with your business. With integrated accounting, credit card processing, and loyalty programs, it stands out as the ideal choice for restaurant owners looking to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How to Choose the Right POS System Software for Your Restaurant

Choosing the right POS system restaurant software can be daunting but here are some key factors to consider:

Business Size

The size of your restaurant plays a big role in choosing a POS system. A small cafe might need basic features like order taking and payment processing, while a large multi-location restaurant will need advanced inventory management and employee scheduling.

Tip: Identify your restaurant's specific needs based on its size to avoid paying for unnecessary features.


Your budget will determine which POS systems are viable options. Look at both upfront costs and ongoing subscription fees. Some systems offer monthly payment plans, which can help manage initial expenses.

For over 30 years, we have helped restaurants of all sizes keep the costs of their point of sales systems affordable without sacrificing on the features needed most.

Call us at (801) 336-3303 for a personalized quote!

Specific Needs

Different restaurants have unique needs. A pizza shop might prioritize online ordering and delivery features, while a fine dining restaurant might need detailed table management and reservation systems.


Your POS system should grow with your business. If you plan to expand, choose a system that allows for easy addition of new locations, employees, and features.

Ease of Use

The POS system should be easy for your staff to navigate. Look for systems with intuitive interfaces and minimal training requirements.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support is crucial. Look for POS providers that offer 24/7 support and comprehensive training resources.

By considering these factors, you can select a POS system that fits your restaurant's needs and sets you up for success.

Frequently Asked Questions about POS System Restaurant Software

What POS system is best for restaurants?

Choosing the best POS system for your restaurant depends on your specific needs.

  • BPA POS: Known for our restaurant-specific features and robust hardware, our system is ideal if you are looking for an all-in-one solution. We support contactless ordering and advanced analytics all for $155 per month with no hidden fees. Something you won't see with Toast, Square, TouchBistro and many others.

Each system has its strengths and while we may be a bit biased, it is important to evaluate based on your restaurants size, budget, and specific needs.

What is POS restaurant software?

POS (Point of Sale) restaurant software is a system that helps manage various aspects of a restaurant's operations. Here is a breakdown of its functionality:

  • Front of House: Manages table reservations, orders, and customer interactions.
  • Back of House: Handles kitchen orders, inventory management, and staff scheduling.
  • Inventory Management: Tracks stock levels, monitors ingredient usage, and helps with recipe costing.
  • Payment Processing: Facilitates various payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and gift cards.

POS restaurant software streamlines operations, making it easier to manage everything from the kitchen to the dining area.

How much does a POS system cost?

The cost of a POS system can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Pricing: Systems like BPA POS offer competitive pricing at $155/month which gets you everything you need. While others when it's all said and done, are $641/month and higher since you have to purchase add-ons that we offer right from the start.
  • Subscription Fees: Monthly fees can range from $55 to $399 or more, depending on the features and services included. We have a breakdown on our comparison page.
  • Hardware Costs: Initial setup costs for hardware can be an investment. Some providers offer financing options to spread out these costs.
  • Additional Features: Features like online ordering, loyalty programs, and advanced reporting may come at an extra cost if you aren't working with BPA.

By understanding these costs, you can choose a POS system that fits your budget and meets your restaurants needs.


When it comes to finding the perfect POS system software for your restaurant, BPA POS offers comprehensive and customizable solutions tailored to your needs.

Our POS systems integrate seamlessly with your restaurant's operations, providing advanced features like integrated accounting, credit card processing, and loyalty programs.

Integrated Accounting

One of the standout features of our POS systems is integrated accounting. This allows you to keep track of your finances in real-time, reducing the need for manual data entry and helping you make informed decisions quickly.

Customizable Solutions

Every restaurant is unique, and so are its needs. Our POS systems are highly customizable. Whether you need specific menu configurations, table management features, or specialized reporting, we can tailor the system to fit your workflow perfectly.

Credit Card Processing

We also offer robust credit card processing systems designed for easy usability and fast reliability. Our integration ensures accurate and secure transactions every time, giving you peace of mind.

Loyalty Programs

Customer retention is crucial for any restaurant. Our POS systems include effective loyalty programs that help attract and retain customers. From offering deals and gift cards to managing customer engagement, our solutions make it easy to keep your customers coming back.

Choosing the right POS system can be a game-changer for your restaurant. With BPA POS, you get more than just a POS system; you get a partner committed to your success.

Ready to see how we can transform your restaurant's operations? Contact us for a personalized demo and discover the perfect POS system for your business today.

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