Restaurant Inventory Management System

Restaurants always need inventory on hand, yet some restaurant owners find keeping track of inventory challenging.


Inventory Management

Our restaurant POS system is the perfect solution with its inventory management system for restaurants. This system helps you keep track of all the inventory in your restaurant, as well as its cost and shelf life.

We designed our restaurant POS system with restaurant owners and employees in mind. Therefore, we ensured this system was straightforward to use and provides the information you need to know to run a successful restaurant. The restaurant inventory management software makes tracking the inventory coming in and going out extremely simple.

  • Add Menu Recipes

    This system allows you to add your menu’s recipes, so you can see all your raw inventory. Every time a customer orders one of these recipes, the system will automatically pull from your available inventory.

  • Inventory Management Reports

    Our restaurant inventory management system stores data, so you can see your inventory, costs, aging and expiration, and sales all at a glance with one of our reports.

  • Track Food Waste

    Food waste is a common problem in restaurants, but our POS system will track your wasted materials’ costs. This way, you can find ways to reduce waste in your kitchen and reduce costs.

  • Real Time Tracking

    Finally, our inventory management system for restaurants tracks your inventory in real time. In other words, when you run out of raw inventory for a menu item, that item will be disabled. This prevents the customer from ordering something you’re unable to make and your servers from putting an order into the kitchen.

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At BPAPOS, we believe in providing effective POS solutions for various industries. The restaurant industry always needed POS systems that are simple and reliable yet feature powerful tools like inventory management software. We created one of the most respected POS systems in the industry, so order yours today! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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