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Version 8.2

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Most Restaurant POS Systems lack the features that are needed for pizza or delivery environments.  BPA Restaurant Delivery POS software is designed specifically for pizza and delivery restaurants.  Some of the features included in the BPA Restaurant Delivery POS software are pizza toppings, Caller ID, and driver management.

Pizza Toppings

The BPA Restaurant Delivery software has options to allow you to setup toppings for all of your pizzas.  This includes priced and non-priced toppings, and full or half pizzas.  You can also setup a Pizza Matrix.  For example, if you sell small, medium, and large pizzas....instead of defining the prices of your toppings for every pizza individually, you can just use the Pizza Matrix to define pricing of all of your pizzas. Most Restaurant POS Systems will not have this functionality available. 

Caller ID Integration

When you receive a delivery or pick-up call from your customers, the Caller ID Integration module allows you to view and store Caller ID information into the BPA Restaurant Delivery software.  Instead of manually typing your customer's information into the system, the Caller ID Integration module will help you quickly take your customer's order.

Driver Management

With BPA Restaurant Delivery POS software, you can manage your delivery drivers much more effectively than with a normal Restaurant POS package.  The BPA Restaurant Delivery software allows you to assign drivers to tickets, and to print delivery slips with your customer's name and address.  You can also print Driver Sales Reports to see exactly how well your drivers are performing.


We have provided solutions for the Pizza/Delivery and Restaurant industry for over 21 years.  Feel free to download a demo of our BPA Restaurant Delivery POS software, and our BPA Restaurant Delivery Quick Start Guide.

If you have any questions about our Pizza POS Systems, feel free to give our Sales Representatives a call today at 801-336-3303.  They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 




BPA Restaurant Delivery Pro

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Version 8.2

  BPA Restaurant Delivery Pro Quick Start Guide