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BPA Cloud Backup Service Available Now | Business Software Solutions

May 23, 2013


BPA Cloud Backup Service for $10/month

What would happen to your business if your BPA data went missing? Not only would you lose sales and employee information, your sales and daily operations would come to a screeching halt. How much would a catastrophic data loss cost your company even if it was only for a few hours? BPA Cloud Backup is a solution to make sure this never happens.


What is BPA Cloud Backup?

BPA cloud backup is an affordable, automated online backup solution. Your BPA data will be backed up each night and stored with military grade encryption at multiple data centers .


Why does my business need online backup?

Data loss happens! Whether it’s hard drive failure, power surges, or theft your data is vulnerable. Even local backups are susceptible. Online backup provides security and redundancy to your backup solution.

BPA Technicians find that most customers have no backup solution in place at all. As a business owner the last thing you need to worry about is setting up and managing a local backup solution. With BPA Cloud Backup you can rest assured that your data is secure without having one more thing to manage.


What is the BPA Cloud Backup advantage?

With BPA Cloud Backup our technicians can quickly help you restore a backup from the cloud. In the event of a catastrophic failure our technicians can have a new computer set up with your BPA data in as little as 15 minutes. Without this solution you could be stuck with more than 40 hours of work reentering products and programming your menu.

BPA Cloud Backup is affordable. For $10 a month* you can have the peace of mind that your BPA data is secure and that a BPA technician is available to assist you with your backup solution.

BPA Cloud Backup is backed by Mozy Pro, an industry leader in cloud backup and security. Rest assured that your data is safe and secure in multiple military grade data facilities across the country.


How do I get started?

Contact our sales department today to find out how you can have peace of mind with BPA Cloud Backup.

(801) 336-3303 from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm MST Monday through Friday.


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