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How To Boost Sales at the Point of Purchase

Aug 31, 2021

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It’s no secret that selling as much of your product as you possibly can is a crucial aspect of running a successful retail storefront. So, just as it’s important to sell excellent products on the floor, it’s also essential to understand how to boost your sales at the point of purchase. Let BPAPOS walk you through some of the best ways to ensure you’re effectively upselling your products even after your customers reach the counter.

Create Attractive Displays

Before your customers even get to the point of purchase, they’ll see the displays you’ve set up to showcase your products. So, if you’re trying to figure out how to boost sales at the point of purchase, you need to first evaluate your displays’ attractiveness and overall condition. Customers crave accessibility and organization.

These things help them see everything you have to offer; it also makes your products more appealing and therefore purchasable. Making sure your displays are attractive and accessible can help you boost those sales at the point of purchase. They’re enticing your customers to buy more products before they ever reach the counter.

Cross Your Merchandise

Another clever way to boost your sales at the point of purchase is to do what’s called “crossing your merchandise.” This method entails putting different products together and is specifically effective when you use it on the displays closest to your point of purchase. To illustrate, perhaps a customer wants to purchase a premium jacket of yours and insists that they want nothing else.

However, when the customer gets to the counter, they notice a mannequin on the left is sporting the same jacket—only it also has a black tube top underneath and a silver statement necklace. Seeing this might encourage a more impulsive buy and persuade the customer to buy the top and necklace.

Train Your Employees Properly

Ensuring that your displays are attractive, organized, and dynamic is crucial for increasing your point of purchase sales. It’s also wise to train your employees to upsell and persuade customers to spend a little more once they get to the counter. Upselling can be as simple as suggesting a customer buy a vibrant lip gloss to match their new blouse.

Upselling can be something a little more complex, like convincing a customer to sign up for a rewards program or credit card with your store. Additionally, it’s wise to train employees thoroughly on how the point of sale system for your retail business can help them make these last-minute sales.

Teach them about all the different features and how to apply new purchases or discounts easily. Training your staff on this kind of salesmanship will increase sales overall because you’ll have a capable team who can convince customers to buy more of your products.

There are various methods you can use when it comes to incorporating ways to upsell your products. We hope you’ll consider some of the ones in this quick guide.

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