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Tips for Improving Tableside Restaurant Customer Experience

Sep 07, 2021

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Customer satisfaction is crucial to a business’s success. So, when you’re looking for ways to give your establishment a boost, assessing your guests’ experiences with you is an excellent place to start. Check out some of our best tips for improving tableside restaurant customer experience and begin the process of making your dine-in services genuinely fantastic.

Train Your Employees Thoroughly

The first thing you need to do to improve the customer experience at your restaurant is ensure that you train your staff to be aware of their tableside manner. Additionally, you’ll also want to make sure that each of your servers has extensive knowledge of menu items, deals, and anything else that might be pertinent for the customer to know before selecting their items.

Because your servers are often the first and most imperative aspect of tableside service, they need to be well acquainted with the items they sell and how to upsell products, approach tables, and keep customers happy and comfortable in general. It’s also crucial to teach your staff how to put orders in and get their food out to customers efficiently and without incident.

Benefits of Training Employees

There are several benefits to properly training your employees to provide tableside service. One of the most significant benefits of this is accumulating regular business through excellent customer experiences. Having seasoned employees who can anticipate customer needs and point them in the right direction will ensure that your guests are satisfied with their service from start to finish.

Further, not only will an accommodating and efficient staff persuade regular customers to continue dining in, but it will also entice new customers to enjoy your establishment as well. And when you’re known for your top-tier staff and outstanding service, it puts your business in a position for continued growth.

Our Several Different Payment Options

Recently, it’s become more commonplace to see restaurants expand on their methods for sending, receiving, and archiving payments. For instance, establishments use online portals to help customers view menus and make payments from their laptops. Just as well, some places are turning to the use of mobile apps to take orders and receive payments as soon as you’re seated.

Additionally, they’re also beginning to use more in-depth options like restaurant POS software for tablets right at the table. These tablets come with a complete menu, as well as clickable games and apps to keep customers busy while they wait for food. You can also use QR codes at the table to make menu navigation and adding items to the bill much quicker.

Benefits of Offering Several Payment Options

Taking advantage of these diverse payment options can do a lot for the customer experience. Overall, having a wider selection of payment options will guarantee that each guest has a convenient way to pay their bill that best accommodates their sensibilities. Additionally, many of these options will also provide your customers with entertainment.

So, even if it’s a hectic night, customers aren’t fiddling their thumbs waiting on their food. Not only will it give your customers more choices for how they’ll pay for their meals, but it will also make your staff’s jobs more streamlined and efficient. Inherently, your customers will have what they need promptly, making their experience generally more enjoyable.

Revamp Your Space and Tables

It should come as no surprise that atmosphere is also crucial for providing an excellent customer experience. When your customers come in for tableside service, not only are they paying to be waited on, but they’re also going the extra mile to dine in and enjoy the ambiance of your establishment.

So, it’s worth it to revamp your dining areas and tables so that you can garner inviting and dynamic energy for your customers to enjoy. For instance, maybe a few new central light fixtures paired with some lovely new placemats would best curate the ideal atmosphere for your customers. No matter how you decide to do it, revamping your space can make your customers feel comfortable and luxuriant while they dine with you.

Benefits of Revamping Your Space

Even doing a few simple things to make your dining areas a little more decorative can positively impact the tableside experience of your customers. Perhaps you don’t need new light fixtures, but you could use new sugar, spice, and condiment caddies to keep things well organized. Or maybe you need a label machine for your different hot sauces.

Regardless of the changes you make, when you take extra care to keep your customers happy, comfortable, and well taken care of, it makes them want to come back for the same service. Along with that, having your dining areas set up in an aesthetic and organized fashion will help your staff to better address customer concerns, requests, and grievances. This way, everyone gets what they need in a timely manner and remains happy throughout their visit.

Implement a Loyalty Program for Tableside Customers

One of the best tips for improving restaurant tableside customer experience is implementing a loyalty program for customers who dine in with you regularly. Incorporating this kind of program is an excellent way to incentivize your customers, make them feel special, and boost their overall dining experience. You can use a loyalty program to provide meal specials, weekly discounts, coupons, and more.

Benefits of Implementing a Loyalty Program

Implementing a loyalty program comes with a lot of advantages. Of course, offering people deals and discounts just for contributing to your business is a surefire way to make them happy to be there, as well as want to come back. Even more than that, it will also make them feel as though they have a special place in your restaurant that’s set aside just for them.

Making your customers’ experiences feel unique can also add a lot of opulence to each guest’s visit. Plus, rewarding your customers might also incentivize them to bring their friends and family with them, which could, in turn, help get your business’s name out there and expand your customer base as a whole.

When you start assessing ways to make the guest experience at your establishment more pleasant and enticing, it can be hard to understand which options might be best for you. So, when the time comes, we hope you’ll consider some of these excellent methods for improving the guest experience in your restaurant.

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