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BPA Introduces Scheduled Ordering | Business Software Solutions

Feb 05, 2013

At Business Software Solutions we are continually seeking feedback from our customers for ways to improve our software. As a result of customer feedback we are introducing scheduled orders to the software. Now orders may be placed in advance and assigned a date and time. You may specify how long before the order’s scheduled time it will become active. Once activated, orders will automatically print to the kitchen. Kitchen tickets clearly indicate the order is a scheduled order as well as the time for which the order is scheduled. Servers may easily see when scheduled orders are pending. Please contact Business Software Solution for additional information and update instructions to take advantage of this new feature.


Additional Features for BPA Restaurant Delivery

In addition to scheduled orders, we have made some changes to the Delivery Software. Not only can you see scheduled orders that are pending, we have also made changes to the orders list in order to give you more information about open orders. You can now see the order type. Order types are color coded and information is organized in a clear fashion. This information automatically refreshes when orders are entered from different stations. All this adds up to faster ordering and fewer mistakes.


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