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Tips for Selling More Band Merchandise at a Concert

Jun 07, 2021

Band Branding

Musicians know the art of the hustle, especially when their band is just starting out. You may not sell out every gig, but you can make the most of the customers who show up. That is where the merchandise comes in. Here are the best tips for selling more band merchandise at a concert.

Start With Your Designs

You likely spent a long time coming up with your band design and logo. While you shouldn’t ignore this hard work, there is more to band merchandise than the simple band logo. You must branch out and add more styled designs to your repertoire.

Each gig you play or tour you embark on has a central theme or style. Whether you are pushing your basic logo and brand or you have a new album-based theme, you should give your fans a variety of options within a similar theme. You should also design vintage and exclusive content for people to purchase. When you have specially designed shirts that are only accessible to concertgoers, you pique people’s interest in your items.

Build Your Booth

When you arrive at your venue, you must set up a booth for merch. A great way to boost merchandise sales is to have this booth operational during the entire concert, not just at the beginning and end. Even if it means soliciting help from friends or family, you need someone you trust running the booth while you perform.

You should designate a clear, visible area for the merch table and decorate around it so people want to check it out. You must also have the hardware to handle money transactions with customers. If you need a credit card processing system, our team at Business Software Solutions can hook you up with the perfect tools.

Attract Consumer Attention

You should show off your merch weeks before your show. While you can have a secretive reveal at the performance, you want people to plan on buying your cool new merch. Think about using social media to generate hype days in advance, especially for concert-exclusive content. Reveal your designs slowly and draw people in online. When they show up, they will expect to see a merch table, and they will feel prepared to purchase something from you.

You can also attract customer attention to your merchandise by wearing it yourself. While it may appear tacky to wear it during the show, you should definitely wear a branded hat before and after the performance, so people see your dedication to the items.

Use these tips for selling more band merchandise at a concert to maximize your earnings. If you have any questions about the logistical side of your merch business, reach out to us at Business Software Solutions today.

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