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Training Your Staff On POS Systems: Best Practices | Point of Sale

Jul 13, 2023

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In this article the experts at BPA POS discuss the best practices of training employees on point-of-sale systems. Learn more here!

The Importance of Training Your Staff on Point of Sale Systems: Best Practices for Small Businesses

As small businesses grow, they experience the excitement of hiring new staff. The extra help is often much-needed, but there is usually a lot of training that accompanies each hire. As you guide your new team members through onboarding, don't forget to train them on your POS software system. Unintentional errors due to inexperience could ultimately cost you money and time and negatively impact the customer experience. To help you get started, here are a few best practices for training your staff on POS systems for your small business:

Determine Training Needs

Before a small business can even begin training its employees on POS and accounting software, it should determine its training needs. While this will vary by company, there are a handful of universal questions. Consider the number of staff who need training, what your staff needs to know about the POS system, how much time you have available to dedicate to training, and whether additional training is necessary after installing updates.

Select the Training Method

Investing in employee training is critical but can get rather costly, especially if it needs to be repeated. Take time upfront to choose the appropriate training method. There may be specific staff training approaches for the POS software you choose. Some available options could include manuals, live training sessions, or videos.

Practice Makes Perfect

Carve out time for your employees to practice using the POS system. There are numerous possible ways to do so, making it easy to select the most appropriate one for your business. A popular option is to let staff shadow (or be shadowed by) more experienced employees.

Repetition and Feedback Is Ideal

Learning a new skill or developing a new habit takes time. The same holds true with learning a new POS system. Be patient as your staff learns the ropes. With proper reinforcement and guidance, they will continue to grow. Help them along with refreshers, incentives, and feedback. That way, they know how to fix what they are doing wrong.

If you need to update your point-of-sale software or add integrated systems, contact BPA POS. Our team can help you find the most appropriate solutions for your business.

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