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Tactics for Takeout Sales Growth

Jan 13, 2020

One of the most essential aspects of the restaurant industry is takeout meals. Customers enjoy the convenience of prepared, portable meals. As a restaurateur, it is crucial you utilize the best tactics for takeout sales growth to boost your revenue. This requires you to optimize the best ordering system and marketing strategies to inform customers and maximize all transactions to increase your profits.

Implement an Online Ordering System

The key to improving your restaurant’s takeout sales is to implement an online ordering system. Primarily, these websites allow customers to order items and tailor their orders based on personal or dietary preferences. They can order at their convenience wherever they are. An online ordering system improves order accuracy and efficiency since it saves time and reduces error. It also allows you to upsell other food items or offer special coupons based on the order. Implementing online ordering systems is easy with our POS system due to our EatOnTheWeb platform. Unlike other POS systems, we offer a customizable site using your logo that fully integrates with our BPA system. This way, your online orders show up directly in your POS software. Likewise, we only charge a fixed monthly fee instead of taking a high percentage of your sales like our competitors.

Opt for Convenience and Portability

The appeal of take-out comes from portability and easy service. You should opt for this convenience when coming up with a takeout menu or takeout options. Consumers prefer portable menu choices that they can eat elsewhere. Consider desserts or appetizers for takeout as well. While this might sound unorthodox, prepackaged desserts or containers that are mess-free will boost your takeout sales as it appeals more to customers.

Utilize Social Media

Part of increasing your sales growth for takeout orders comes from your marketing. Therefore, you should utilize social media to inform customers or promotional content. Advertise deals on takeout orders, such as free delivery, free appetizer after spending a certain amount, or other deals. You’ll also want to establish a strong social media strategy to retain current customers while attracting new ones.

Use a Delivery Service

Whether you’re providing your own delivery service or using a third-party system, this will compliment your other takeout sales techniques. When used with an online ordering system, you will increase your restaurant output. This convenience will ensure customer satisfaction and increase loyalty. You will also increase profits using your own delivery system, whereas using a third-party typically charge commission fees. Fortunately, our EatOnTheWeb platform fully integrates with the POS Restaurant system, which also supports delivery areas with BPA Restaurant Delivery.

At Business Software Solutions, our restaurant POS systems offer fully integrated functionality with our other services to optimize your sales. The BPA Restaurant POS system offers the perfect solution or inventory, time tracking, payroll, and complete accounting system that’s easy to use and cost-efficient for your business.

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