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4 Ways a POS System Can Support Your Retail Business

Apr 21, 2020

Retail System

No matter what type of small business you run, you want your sales to be as efficient as possible. Naturally, your ultimate goal is to sell the greatest number of products and attract the most foot traffic to your business. This is very doable with an efficient point-of-sale system like ours. There are many ways a POS system can support your retail business. Ultimately, it comes down to efficiency, inventory control, and customer loyalty. All of these are trackable through Business Software Solutions’ retail software. With it, you’ll experience greater business to your store.

Inventory Management

With the BPA POS system, one of the main features you’ll notice is the easy inventory management. This allows you to track your store’s inventory, including the product's cost, location, and shelf life. Our system pulls inventory and calculates costs based on your posting sales. You’ll see the difference between our system and others as you run reports of material cost, product aging and expiration, and cost of items sold. This will reduce product waste, and your reorders automatically process. Ultimately, our complete inventory system ensures effortless inventory control.

Customer Insight

Another benefit to using our POS system is that it provides insight into your customers. For example, you can track various loyalty programs such as loyalty points, discounts, punch cards, and member pricing. This will establish customer loyalty for your business, which will increase sales. On that note, you can custom-design gift cards and loyalty cards with us with no pay-per-transaction swipe fees or rates. Depleted cards are reloadable with no additional costs, and you have full control over unused balances on the gift cards.

Integrated Functionality

Every payment made on the BPA POS system is integrated with our other systems and with credit card processing. The full integration allows business owners to use our system in a hotel gift shop as well as at the center desk or in a storefront attached to a café or restaurant. Our system allows for easy use and complete transparency between your businesses. This way, you won’t have to struggle with multiple inventories or account processing, as they’ll all be under one system. Additionally, our integrated payment processing allows for fast, secure transactions that are EMV- and PCI-compliant. All sales are quick and effortless with little-to-no chance for error.

Security and Reliability

Lastly, our point-of-sale system is secure and reliable. You can track all transactions and reconcile cash drawers as well as set passwords to specific software modules and functions that employees can access. Your employees can clock in and out with employee cards or custom-set passwords so that you can see who had previous access to the register. Security and reliability are guaranteed.

Be sure to implement our retail accounting software to improve your small business’s sales and profits. Check out Business Software Solutions—our legacy point-of-sale system is designed to make your small business transactions as fast and efficient as possible.


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