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Top Features to Look for in POS Software for Small Retail Business

Oct 16, 2023

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Owning a small retail business is exciting and rewarding. However, it is also a lot of work. So how do you ensure your team provides the highest level of customer service while keeping track of all the critical details on the backend? Find balance by investing in high-quality point-of-sale software with the top features that will help streamline work. However, we know you don't have enough time to sort through the wealth of information online before choosing POS products. So, we gathered a list of top features to look for in point-of-sale software for small retail businesses to help you out.

Inventory Management

You'll never be able to escape quarterly counting, unfortunately. However, you can streamline the process and your ordering with quality inventory management integrations. Look for features in POS software systems that combine online and in-store purchases to get a real-time view of your inventory levels.

Reporting Tools

Having the ability to gather data on your sales and turn that data into usable reports is vital. The top POS software has features like proper reporting tools that will provide visibility into top sellers, trends, and hourly transactions.

Employee Management

Choose integrations that include time-clock functionality to reduce the number of systems you need. Also, consider other employee management tools including different permission levels for staff and productivity tracking.

Credit Card Processing

Providing secure credit card processing is vital. Customers trust you with their data, and any breach could devastate your business. Find a point-of-sale system that offers features like top-of-the-line transaction protections.

Omnichannel Options

Let's face it. Online shopping is here to stay. So why not select a point-of-sale that seamlessly manages in-person and virtual sales? This integration will help boost your sales, and online shopping is also a fantastic way to personalize the shopping experience.

Options to Scale

Set your retail business up for future success! Our wide array of point-of-sale and management systems ensure flexibility and an option that will grow you.


BPA Inventory and POS software has top-tier features that offer the perfect solutions for all your small retail business needs. Contact us today to see which of our options is best for your company!

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