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End of Day Checklists for Employees and Managers

Jul 06, 2011

To help with your End of Day functions, we’ve have created checklist templates for your employees and managers to use to ensure your business is properly closed at the end of the day.  The checklists are Microsoft Word documents…feel free to download and customize them for your business needs.


If you do not have software installed to edit the checklists, such as Microsoft Word, you can download Open Office for free at http://www.openoffice.org/


Restaurant POS Customers

Restaurant Employee Checklist

Restaurant Manager Checklist


Pizza/Delivery POS Customers

Pizza/Delivery Employee Checklist

Pizza/Delivery Manager Checklist


Retail POS Customers

Retail Employee Checklist

Retail Manager Checklist


Hotel Customers

Hotel Employee Checklist

Hotel Manager Checklist

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