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Android and iPhone Business Apps (with Google Docs Apps)

Jul 20, 2011


Some of the cell phones that are on the market are more powerful than many desktop and laptop computers in our homes and offices. However, many of us are not using those cell phones to their fullest potential.


The following is just a few of the Android Business Apps and iPhone Business Apps you can use to improve your daily productivity:



It’s nice to be able to pull out your laptop or netbook anywhere and check emails. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of places in the world where wireless internet is not available. One solution is to use your cell phone’s data plan to give you access to the internet.

However, some cellular providers do not make it easy for you to do this. PdaNet is a app that makes it easy to use your cell phone’s data plan for wireless internet to your laptop.


Documents To Go

Editing Word documents or Excel spreadsheets on a mobile device can be very inefficient. However, when you absolutely need to edit a document, you can use the Documents To Go Android and iPhone business apps.

The Documents To Go app supports Microsoft and Adobe formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx & pdf). You can also edit files stored in a Google Docs account.


Other apps to access Google Docs:

For iPhone

GoDocs for Google Docs


For Android

Google Docs for Android



CalenGoo gives you a quick way to access and edit your Google Calendar. The iPhone app also has an offline mode, for when you do not have an internet connection.



Dropbox is an online storage and file sharing service. Files that are uploaded to the Dropbox service can be accessed from any computer or device.

You will need to setup an account with Dropbox.com to use the service. Once you have signed up, you will receive 2GB free storage. Paid plans are available for up to 100GB.


Wyse PocketCloud

There may be times when you are away from your desktop or laptop computer, and you need to access it. Or, you may need to access your POS system to look at sales figures for the day.

Wyse, a cloud computing company, has Android and iPhone business apps called PocketCloud . The PocketCloud app allows you to remotely access your computer from your mobile device.

You will need to install their software onto the computer you would like to remotely connect to. Then, using the app on your mobile device, you will be able to see your desktop screen.

Like the Documents To Go app, probably not the most efficient way to work on your computer. However, if you absolutely have to work on another computer, this is an app that will let you do that.


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