Tablet Point-of-Sale System & Software

RapidServer's restaurant tablet POS enhances the capability of our feature-packed BPA Restaurant POS software by giving your servers the freedom to quickly service your customers, send orders to the kitchen, and even take payments right at the table. And, of course, it is fully integrated with your BPA tablet point-of-sale system.


Welcome to RapidServer

Fast & Mobile

When your servers use our RapidServer restaurant tablet POS, it allows them to move freely between tables, swiftly taking orders and sending the order to the kitchen. This will increase the overall efficiency and productivity of your business.

Extremely User-Friendly

The RapidServer POS Software has been programmed/designed in house to maximize user efficiency and allow for ultimate ease of use. The RapidServer uses the same familiar layout and design implemented in our full point-of-sale software.

Full Printing Support

RapidServer also allows your servers to send tickets directly to the kitchen without having to visit a host terminal to process or complete the transaction. The RapidServer tablets also allow you to print a ticket (receipt) to the nearest printer on the network.


RapidServer In-Depth

RapidServer is a portable POS designed for mobile order taking with pay at the table capabilities. It has many important point-of-sale features that you see in our full featured PC based BPA Restaurant Touch POS software.

Pay-At-Table Capable

Give your customers a feeling of security with the tablet point-of-sale system. By using RapidServer your servers can process credit card payments and close orders right at the table with the customer's card never leaving their sight. In addition your customers don't get frustrated trying to "LEARN" how to pay by themselves like they do with other table side tablet systems.

Table Creation

RapidServer allows selecting a pre-defined table or creating a "Quick Sale" for new order creation. Servers can enter a Name for each table or quicksale with our restaurant POS software for tablets.

Split Ticket

Rapidserver give you the ability to split the ticket by either assigning items to each guest or by using our "Split By Seat" function that splits the ticket based on what seat each item is assigned to. If your customer just wants to split the total payment between guests then RapidServer give you the ability split the payment between a maximum of 6 guests.

RapidServer Tablets

RapidServer PRICING

Choose how many tablets you would like to use to see monthly licensing costs.

    • Lenovo Tab M8
      $ 245 ea
      • Beautiful 1280 x 800 Display
      • Androidâ„¢ 9
      • 8" Main Display
      • Octa-core 2.3 Ghz. Processor
      • 3 GB RAM
      • 32 GB Storage

Setup Fee

A one-time setup fee of $50.00 will be charged to setup, install, and configure your RapidServer tablets point-of-sale system.

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