Hotel Gift Card System

Rewarding guests not only shows appreciation for loyalty but can also produce billions of dollars for your hotel. With BPAPOS’s hotel gift card system, our Business Plus Accounting Software utilizes different built-in programs that make the job easier for you.


Hotel Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent tool to lure guests to some of your services and drive up sales in the process—whether it’s for a restaurant or a gift shop. However, many gift cards go unused, which means you lose out on profit if you go with a provider. That’s not the case with BPAPOS systems, which means you get to keep all of that money in-house.

Having more control over what you offer consumers is always positive and possible with our fully customizable cards to properly reflect your hotel brand. You will also be able to control any unused balances that are out there.

Gift card distributors also tend to hide hidden fees that affect your profits. BPAPOS’s hotel gift card system, however, contains no transaction fees or rates and has free reloads!

Gift Card Image

You can potentially lose a lot if you partner up with certain gift card providers, and it’s important to know that those companies are not your only options! BPAPOS is here to help you reap the benefits gift card programs offer while providing an excellent experience for your customers. Looking to ensure you don’t miss out on what comes with our hotel gift card system? You can go ahead and contact us for a more detailed breakdown of what we provide for you!

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