Restaurant Accounting Systems

Accounting is a crucial way to keep track of a business’s financial health. It also helps business owners make informed decisions, plan for future goals, and develop financial reports. In the past, businesses would use an external accounting software to track their revenue and costs, but why not track those metrics at the source? Our restaurant POS system comes with accounting software built in. You can learn how our POS systems will support your restaurant business’s accounting efforts below.


Accounting System

Every restaurant owner needs an accounting system to ensure they’re earning the revenue they should be. At Business Software Solutions Inc., we offer user-friendly accounting systems that contain all of the information you need to run your restaurant. BPA Restaurant Professional is built on our Business Plus Accounting software package and include a complete set of business and accounting tools fully integrated with the restaurant point of sale.

However, as a business owner, you know there is more to accounting than your income. Our system includes a payroll module that is integrated with the employee time clock, so you can accurately track shifts. We also integrated an equipment maintenance and tracking module for tracking your restaurant’s equipment.


Restaurant Accounting Software

Our restaurant accounting software and systems include all of the functions of a complete accounting system including:

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Traditional Customer Ordering and Point of Sale

  • Vendor Ordering and Inventory

  • Hundreds of Reports

  • ...And many other features!

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Once you collect all your sales data, you need to put that into a digestible report, so you can visualize revenue, costs, and inventory changes. Our restaurant accounting software will take data from the transactions from the restaurant point of sale are posted into the general ledger and you get accurate financial reports. With our system, you can easily track your inventory coming in and going out by adding your recipes into the point-of-sale system. The product recipe and inventory management for restaurants' system pull appropriate ingredients from inventory for each item you sell and allows you to automatically generate vendor orders for your ingredients and other inventory items.

Finally, you’ll need to combine all your product sales and costs, including overhead costs, in the general ledger for a true picture of your profitability. This restaurant accounting system and software will take your restaurant’s operations and accounting to the next level. Contact us with any questions!

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