Retail Inventory System

Retail stores always need inventory on hand, yet some retail owners find keeping track of inventory challenging. At BPA, our retail POS system is the perfect solution to keeping track of products, as well as cost and shelf-life.


Inventory Management

Inventory is one of the most important aspects of any business, and this is especially true for a retail business. Without enough inventory, your store’s shelves will look bare and customers might wonder if you’re closing. In other words, adequate inventory leads to increased sales. With Business Plus Accounting, you will enjoy accurate inventory reports that will always keep your shelves full.

Our retail inventory system and software incorporate practical features that every business owner needs to manage their inventory. With the help of Business Plus Accounting, you can:


Track Inventory

Keep track of the inventory in your store including cost, location, and shelf life.

Custom Menus

Define product kits and food recipes to create your menu items from raw inventory.

Automatic Inventory

Automatically pull inventory and calculate costs based on recipes and kits when posting sales.

Product Cost Reports

Run reports to see cost of material in inventory, product aging and expiration, cost of items sold.

Product Waste Reports

Track amount and cost of product waste.

Automatic Reorder

Cycle count and automatic reorder generation.

Traditional inventory management with a spreadsheet is fine, but your business can do better. By manually tracking inventory, your business will struggle to grow and maintain enough inventory. Furthermore, traditional inventory management is prone to user mistakes and miscounts. With our retail inventory system, you can track your inventory as it comes and goes. The system will supply inventory reports that allow you to contact your vendor in a timely manner and keep your store full.

At BPAPOS, we understand how important inventory management is and how challenging it can be. We also know that manual inventory management takes up way too much of your valuable time. That’s why we created our retail inventory system that takes the guesswork out of managing inventory. If you have any questions about our system and how it can benefit your retail store, simply contact us; from there, one of our representatives will assist you.

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