BPA Self-Serve Kiosk Point-of-Sale System & Software

With industry wide staffing shortages and rising labor costs, order automation can not only save money, but help you keep your restaurant open. Eliminate stress and headaches and put your restaurant back in the black with our self-serve kiosk ordering systems.


Welcome to BPA Kiosks

Eliminate Staff Shortages

No more worrying about being under-staffed during busy times at your restaurant.

Improve Order Accuracy

Order input errors are much less common when using self-serve kiosks as the customer sends their order directly to the kitchen.

Streamline Ordering

Orders are sent straight to the kitchen so all your employees have to worry about is preparing the food.

Reduce Wait Times

Restaurants and businesses can lose out on major profit which could simply be solved by using self-serve kiosks.

Save on Labor Costs

With customer orders being automated by touch screen kiosks, this gives staff a better chance to improve on engaging aspects of the job.

Save Customers Time

Allow customers to quickly place their own orders without having to wait in long lines or wait times.



Moving into the future of Point of Sale

Point of Sale touch screen kiosks allow you to automate the order entry process, putting your customers in control of their own orders and reducing staffing requirements and labor costs.

Using our EatOnTheWeb technology, orders placed by customers using kiosks are pushed directly into your BPA Point of Sale system. Orders will automatically print in the kitchen and appear on kitchen monitors.

BPA Point of Sale restaurant kiosks support credit card payments*, or allow users to pay for their order with cash at a regular point of sale terminal.

* Integrated payment processing available now with Clearent
X-Charge Integration coming soon!

BPA Kiosk

Looking At The Numbers


BPA Self-Serve Kiosk PRICING

Look at the pricing of our touch screen kiosk systems including different setup costs and monthly fees.

BPA Kiosk
$ 1,095 ea
  • Beautiful 1080 x 1920 Display
  • 21" Main Display
  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB Storage

Compare Fees and Functions of Popular Kiosk Systems

When it comes to kiosk service providers, recurring costs will be your #1 expense. Here are some popular providers with their monthly costs listed in alphabetical order. This kiosk price comparison will help you determine where the best savings and value lie.

Fee Details & Features Explanation of fees for licensing and other features
Monthly Fees Estimated fees with 1 Kiosk and $400 in sales per day
Monthly Fees Estimated fees with 1 Kiosk and $400 in sales per day
BPA Kiosk System & Software
  • Kiosk ordering systems - $50/mo
  • No additional monthly fee for additional kiosks
  • Automate the order entry process
  • Reduce staffing requirement and labor costs
  • Orders are sent directly into your BPA Point of Sale System
  • Streamline orders straight to the kitchen and kitchen display systems
per month
CAKE Point of Sale
  • Kiosk ordering systems - Pricing not available
per month
  • Kiosk ordering systems - Kiosks not available
per month
NCR Aloha Cloud
  • Kiosk ordering systems - Pricing undisplayed & hidden
  • Kiosks are under their contactless ordering section and is an optional add-on
per month
  • Kiosk ordering systems (integrated with KioskBuddy) - $50/mo (Up to 500 sales)
  • Overage fee of $0.25 per additional transaction
  • Requires iPad that supports iOS 11 or higher
per month
  • Kiosk ordering systems - $90/mo
per month
  • Kiosk ordering systems - $69/mo
per month
  • Kiosk ordering systems - $99/mo
per month
  • Kiosk ordering systems (integrated with Bite Kiosk) - Pricing not available
per month


Based on the above kiosk system comparison, the best value and business functionality for your money is clearly BPA Kiosks. The developer of this product, Business Software Solutions Inc., has been installing business solutions since 1988 with over 16,400 installs.
* Disclaimer: Pricing and rates represent our best effort to find complete detailed information from the providers included. Prices and rates are always changing and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

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