Restaurant Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs for POS Systems

Gift cards and loyalty programs generate billions of dollars of sales each year. That's why we've built these programs into our Business Plus Accounting software.


Restaurant Gift Cards & Loyalty

27% of all gift cards are never redeemed. This amounts to $2,000 - $10,000 per year for most restaurants. Other restaurant software products require you to use a gift card service provider; these providers keep the unredeemed money and you lose the profit. With our product, there is no gift card service provider and you keep all profit from the sale of a gift card. That is just one of the advantages of having restaurant gift cards and a loyalty program for your POS Systems.

Gift cards are among the easiest ways to get customers into your restaurant. Similarly, loyalty programs are an effective way to give back to your loyal customers. Unfortunately, not every POS system supports these fundamental necessities. BPAPOS makes a powerful POS system for restaurants that allows you to sell and use gift cards.

Our restaurant loyalty program and gift cards for POS systems provide a truly essential service. Merely offering gift cards can add a significant number of sales. They may also bring in new customers, as your most loyal customers may purchase a gift card for their friends or family.

Every modern business should offer a loyalty program. These programs allow regular customers to earn rewards, discounts, or special pricing on their favorite menu items. Our POS system was specifically designed to offer various loyalty programs.


Loyalty Gift Cards

Some of the benefits of our loyalty and gift cards include:


Receiving custom designed loyalty and gift cards for your business.

No Fees/Rates

Purchasing your gift cards from us result in paying no transaction swipe fees or rates.

Free Reload

Reload depleted cards at no additional cost to you.

Contol Unused Balances

You control the unused balance of gift cards.

Gift Card Image

At BPAPOS, our goal is to provide a product that makes operating your restaurant easier. Our POS system gives you control of your restaurant gift cards and loyalty programs. Don’t waste your time with gift card service providers that keep your profit—instead, order our POS system today.

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